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I have a loud squealing noise in my pressure tank/cycle stop

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I have a loud squealing noise in my pressure tank/cycle stop valve area. Residential application PROFLO PF-32 pressure tank. All plumbing is WIRSBO except the Galv. pipe out of the pressure tank. Any ideas how to stop this squeal, wich sometimes continues for up to a minute after there is no water running in the house?
Hi, and Welcome to Just Answer. I will do my best to Answer your question to the best of my professional ability. the water pressure should not be higher then 60 psi, anything higher can damage the plumbing system and cause problems along with a loud noise. Have you made any repairs lately where you had to turn off the main water at all? If so make sure the main water feed valves are open all the way, when they have been turned off to make a repair , it is easy to leave it closed and not all the way open witch could result in a loud noise. What was the psi in the pressure tank be fore you add air to it? It could be leaking air out of the pressure tank into the water pipes and will result in a loud noise.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The only time my water has been off since the sytem was installed 5 years ago is monthly at the sediment filter, and that is full on. Air Pressure in tank was 38 PSI and water pressure gauge on line at Tank tee was 70 PSI. Letting air out of the tank last night didn't reduce the water pressure below 68 PSI...
the well pressure switch is adjustable and should turn on at 30-4- and off at 50- 60 psi, anything more can cause this problem and result in a higher pressure and noise. Well pressure switches do go bad and can fail. They are 220 volt so you will need to be careful when replacing the switch, or you can call a local plumber to service it for you, but that is the first thing to do, since the pressure is at 68 and that is a bit high. Also if the sediment filter is clogged it can also cause a loud noise but the switch is the first thing to check due to the high pressure.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Since PROFLO is a Ferguson exclusive brand-name, I called them this morning and the guy there told me they raely sell CSVs and he recommended I remove it. What do you think about that? When the noise is happening, it definitely is vibrately wildly...
i would not listen to anyone at Ferguson, they are only a supply house and the people working have very little knowledge about plumbing and systems, they are only sales men , some are better then others but they have no clue what they are talking about. You need to speak with a licensed plumber not just a salesman, i order from Ferguson's and they might be the biggest plumbing suppler in the nation , but i dislike them very much more many reasons .
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Which is why I turned to this forum. I live 100 miles from town in interior Alaska, and don't have ready access to call a local plumber. From the rest of my reading, I think the CSV is a good idea - it is marked as 40 PSI. Should I try to adjust pressure switch or just replace it.

the noise is a result from too high of water pressure and that can be caused from a bad pressure switch not shutting of when its supposed to 60 psi max . They are cheep , around 20 - 30 bucks it is best to just replace it , because when electronics go bad they can act funny or just stop working all together. Make sure you turn the breaker off at the breaker panel first , this should be a double breaker wired together , most often 2 - 15 amps breakers wired together or 2- 20 amp breakers wired together , make sure you look at what wires go where so when you install the new switch it is easy and trouble free. This is very easy to do , but MKAE SURE you turn the POWER off first!.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am going to accept, and I really appreciate your patience with me. I have bulit my own house and installed every bit of the plumbing except the well pump, csv, and pressure tank. Now I am trying to make sure I understand this part well. Do I need to drain tank to adjust the air pressure in it? One place I read said turn off power and water supplies to tank before adding/removing air?
The tank should have a recommended set psi set from the manufacture stamped on it , might be 35 psi in your case. Test the psi with a tire pressure gage. Make sure you add or remove air so that it is set to the recommended amount of psi that is stamped on the tank. Then check it again tomorrow and see if it has dropped at all, if it did then the tank is leaking and will need to be replaced. When adding air just make sure you have no sinks or showers going and you will be fine.
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