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water in all toilet tanks turns cloudy immediately after stops

Customer Question

water in all toilet tanks turns cloudy immediately after stops filling. Will clear in a min. water is clear from faucets and tub but shower water is cloudy.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 6 years ago.
Hi, and Welcome to Just Answer. I will do my best to Answer your question to the best of my professional ability.are you on well water or city water?
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 6 years ago.
does the water go clear in a few minutes? if so this could just be a lot of air in the water , and the air bubbles in the water will make the water seem cloudy until the air bubbles rise up and pop.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

what is causing the air in the water. is it likely a promlem with our plumbining or possibly air in the citys line

Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 6 years ago.
it could be on the city, most city water supple comes from a fresh water source, like a lake, mountain, or in the ground from a well, the city will also mix well water with fresh water from a lake to make a mix of water, and in the process they can mix up a lot of air into the system. Go to each faucet in the house and every sink , shower, turn on everything on at once hot and cold, let the water run for 10 minutes to flush out you water pipes and flush every toilet a couple times during this time.
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 6 years ago.

When the city needs to clean out there many filters on a water system , or make a repair to a section of water main, this can add air to the system and get sucked into houses in line. It is possible that your city had made a repair recently and thats how the air got into your system. If you fill up a clear glass with your water and put it on the table under a light , look at the water and notice the air bubbles rise and pop and the water will go clear after a few minutes. But in the case you see sediment in the water and it doesn't clear up then you might want to have your water tested .

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