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No water pressure from the well. Heat pump runs fine

Resolved Question:

I have no water pressure (well, pump in well), hear pump run, 200V on one side and 233V on the other. problem with voltage?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 7 years ago.

Hi and Welcome to JustAnswer.
What does the pressure gauge read?

JACUSTOMER-4g1lrn90- :
Just 10 psi, not sure of the accuracy of the gauge is

Plumbing Pro :
when you say you hear the pump run, can you hear it just hum, or do you hear it pumping water, a lot of times when a pump goes bad it will hum and vibrate but not pump the water.

with 10 psi you should have a little something coming out of your faucet, not a lot but at least a small amount of water, is your pump inside the house or out side the house?

JACUSTOMER-4g1lrn90- :
just a hum, no water sound. pump is in the well
does that difference in voltage matter?

Plumbing Pro :
Well in most cases when its just humming its burnt out and will only hum and make a vibrating noise, this means the pump has stooped working and will no longer pump the water .

You will always have a difference in the volts, as the power is coming in from one side then it goes to the pump it will use some of the volts and cause a difference. do you know how deep your well is?

JACUSTOMER-4g1lrn90- :
I dropped a weight down the well on a string, and I appear to have around 21 feet of water.

Plumbing Pro :
It could be that the suction pipe that sucks in water from the well is clogged and the pump is pumping but with no water coming in from the suction line the pump will only hum and not pump water. pulling the suction line up and making sure nothing is stuck or clogged would be your first thing to try

JACUSTOMER-4g1lrn90- :
Not sure of the depth, 200ft?????
sound like enough water with 21 ft of water?

Plumbing Pro :
Also there is a check valve on a well pump , when these check valves fail or get something stuck in them this problem will accrue. when you have a well that's that deep you will need to have a well company come out and pull the pump out. they have special tools for this . yes it sounds like you have water but the pump isn't pumping or is clogged

how old is the pressure switch ?

JACUSTOMER-4g1lrn90- :
OK, I will have the pros deal with it. The pressure switch is working OK, I did check that, voltage in and coming out... only a few years old

Plumbing Pro :
Replacing the pressure switch would be the first thing to do be for pulling the pump and check valve, the pressure switch is only 20 dollars and to have the pump pulled will be a lot more , so be replacing the pressure switch would be the first thing to try , if that doesn't help then the pump will need to be pulled and checked and the check valve will need to be checked as well.

JACUSTOMER-4g1lrn90- :
OK, thank you

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