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Mark, Union Plumber
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I have a Goulds v60 HydroPro water system tank. The water

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I have a Goulds v60 HydroPro water system tank. The water pressure troughout the house is varying regularly. It is normal, then slows, then picks up as I hear the tank kick in. The pressure at rest in the tank reads 50psi, and with water running, drops to 32psi then kicks in and rises to 60 psi and slowly falls. What do I need to do to keep the pressure constant?
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Mark :

How old is the pump? Can you hear the pump fluctuate when the pressures fluctuate?

Mark :

This tank should be pre-charged @ 38 PSI. Check the pressure with a gauge and add air if necessary.

Just checking in to see if your tank is now functioning properly. The industry standard is your tank pressure should be 2 PSI less than when your pressure switch activates your pump. So, if your pressure switch is set @ 40-60 PSI, then 38 PSI is perfect. Let me know if this helps. Mark
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The settings I described existed when I first asked about the pressure without my changing anything. The pressure varies from slow to normal despite these settings. If the pump is bad, would the pressures be maintained? How do I fix the problem of varying pressure?
Conventional booster pump systems have these fluctuations. What brand and model pump do you have? Mark

Edited by Mark on 9/26/2010 at 6:07 AM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
See my question #1 for brand/model. The pressure fluctuation I'm asking about is from the sinks and shower, not the fluctuating psi I've mentioned. I know the psi will fluctuate. I don't want the functioning of sinks/shower to drop. That's the problem.
The V60 is the tank. Do you also have a Goulds pump? I need to know the model # XXXXX the pump to help you and if the pressure switch setting can be adjusted. They also make on demand booster pumps which compensate for any drop in pressure and when any tap is turned on.