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We just poured a bottle of drano max gel down our toilet to

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We just poured a bottle of drano max gel down our toilet to address a clog/super slow drain before we noticed that the bottle said not for use on toilets. After looking on line..we are freaking out that we are in danger of some kind of explosion or chemicals in the air. We have a 3 year old and 1 month old in a small apartment. We have gotten several buckets of water to go through so we are hoping it is diluted enough to not be! Do you think we will have any major issues from this?!


You will be ok. You need a toilet auger (snake) or maybe a plunger will work to clean out the toilet. Just dont splash the draino around.






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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I appreciate the response. There are a lot of stories online about explosions etc so we are freaked. Have you known of others who have poured drano or similar products down the drain and been fine? Have you known of any who have had issues from it? We are renting and don't want to cause any damage to our rental unit that we might be held responsible for. Also we live in a rural area and have a septic system (not city sewage) not sure if that makes a difference.


Also when do you think the drano chemicals would be dissolved or whatever? I would be scared to use toilet bowl cleaners etc if the chemicals could mix with the drano.


Thanks ...just need a little more info/reassurance.


as long as you dont pour aneything else in the toilet but water you will be ok nothing is going to exploed just open the windows or the exhaust fan in the bathroom and poure a few more buckets of water down the toilet it is not going to hurt the septic system. After you get the toilet stopage cleard and flushed you can go ahead and clean the toilet as you always do.


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