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Category: Plumbing
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Sudden Low water pressure in kitchen faucet,both hot and cold.

Customer Question

Sudden Low water pressure in kitchen faucet,both hot and cold. All other water sources pressure normal. Showers,bathroom faucets,garage faucets,washing machine,toilets..

Problem began when I turned off water meter on street in order to replace washers in kitchen faucet.
Became progressivly worse. Re checked street meter,to ensure turned on correctly,seems to be.
Further more as stated low pressure affects kitchen faucet only.
Aerator clean,no extra flow of water when removed.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  mrplumbr replied 6 years ago.
It could be a few different things the first thing I would check is turn the valves under the sink off and back on. Then remove the spout to see if is clogged up at the entry holes. Finally it could also be your stems clogged up so remove them and check for a restriction let me know if you need any assistance performing any of the above
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Need info on how to implement suggestions, Kitchen faucet is old,do not want to break anything in trying to dismantle
Expert:  mrplumbr replied 6 years ago.
could you tell me what brand it is usually on the handles
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Unable to determine brand from handles, Believe it to be "Peerless"
Expert:  mrplumbr replied 6 years ago.
Well to remove the spout you need a larger wrench and turn the very top of the spout where it comes out of the faucet then pull and sway side to side it should come off
Expert:  mrplumbr replied 6 years ago.
But to be Frank peerless is a cheaper faucet and it may just be easier just to replace it and better in the long run

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