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I want to use a balloon type plumbing device to block the sewer

Resolved Question:

I want to use a balloon type plumbing device to block the sewer line coming from our master bedroom restroom. I have seen this used but not sure how to use it properly. I saw a guy use this device on the main line, then fill all the drain lines from sinks, toilets,etc, and then watch for the water level to drop. If the water level drops quickly, there is a leak. How can I isolate exactly where the leak (broXXXXX XXXXXne) is? Please help me asap, the floor is going to be replaced in a couple of weeks in the master bedroom. Mike
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.



It depends upon where you can access the sewer line to insert the "test plug". You would then fill the piping from a point behind the plug to a certain level. Other plugs may be needed for toilet pipes, tubs, showers etc. anything with a low outlet.

But if you can't see the entire sewer line, it would be very difficult to find the leak if it happens to be in a spot that you can't see. Sometimes if filling the lines with water doesn't work, smoke is injected into the pipe lines and is more easily visible when it escapes.


However, a better method;

Floor replacements are very expensive, for that reason I would strongly recommend that you hire a plumbing company that uses cameras to find defective pipes and joints in sewer systems. The cost of that would be minimal to a future floor replacement.

Also, the camera should be able to see and tell you exactly where any breakage may be.


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