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Charles, Bayside Homes
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My hot water tank heats the water but the hot water doesnt

Resolved Question:

My hot water tank heats the water but the hot water doesnt come out of the faucets, we already empties and refilled it. The hot water comes out of the drain valve and the hot water faucet in the basement but not up to the faucets in the house
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.

Hi, I'm happy to assist,


Check the control to make sure it is set correctly, it sounds like you may be a good distance from the heater to your faucets; if that's the case, raise the temperature setting to a higher position. Also, if it is distant, you may need to look into having a recirculating pump installed which will keep hot water readily available at the faucets. In essence, that will help to keep you wasting hot water in the long run because you wouldn't have to run the hot water spigot long to get hot water. The longer you run or have a hot water valve open just running, remember that cold water equally is entering the heater tank, therefore cooling down hot water available in the tank, and you can be getting a heat loss while the water is traveling to its destination. Pipe insulation would help here.


Now, distant, depending upon your system doesn't have to be many feet, it can be as little as 20 feet or even less, it just depends on your layout.


Also the size of the tank can affect available hot water. For example a 40 gallon tank does not mean you will get 40 gallons of hot water, you may get half that much if you're lucky.


Hope this helps


Bayside Homes


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

distance was never an issue, tank is one year old, and never hand an issue with the distance. it's only about 5 feet distance from basement faucet which has hot water, to kitchen faucet that does not have hot water.
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.


That's good it's not a distance issue.

When you say it's not getting hot water, do you mean that water isn't coming out at all or it's coming out normally pressure wise, but is just not hot?

Also, is your kitchen faucet a single lever or does it have 2 separate handles?




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
comming out of both the kitchen and bathroom faucets with normal pressure but its cold, yet when we drain the hot hot water tank its hot. All faucets in the house are 2 handles
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.

Where is you washing machine located and is it getting hot water that you know of?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have no washer in the house
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.

Ok, I was asking because that's an appliance where hot & cold lines are connected and are always open, a malfunction in the w/m valve could cause a cross connection, which would account for a situation like your having.

Would it be possible to then open the hot water faucet where the w/m would be to see if it has hot water there? If so can you do it or have you already done it?


Is this something that has just recently started or has it been since the new heater was installed.


The reason I'm asking these questions is to find the best way to narrow the problem down, with the least amount of inconvenience for you.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this just started. there is no line for the washing machine, the tank was istalled 1 year ago
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.



if you're getting good pressure on both h&c water lines, then I have to assume that there is no restriction in your piping. Now we have to go thru some troubleshooting steps to attempt to isolate the problem; maybe one fixture at a time and the heater itself, since that's the common element; I realize you may have done this before, but it's important.


It sounds like you have a split level or upstairs home, is that correct and you are getting good pressure but no hot water upstairs, correct me if i'm wrong please, so that would make your bathroom on the same level as your kitchen, even if not, perform the following. If we can get this thing figured out, you can save a lot of money, even if we don't you will have saved having to pay a plumber to do the same thing. That would at least put in in the ballpark from the beginning & save him/her some time.


Ok here we go;

allow the water to run a good minute or so, unless you get hot water when doing the following;

I would like you to open the hot water valve only on the bathtub or shower and let me know if there is hot water there?

then the bathroom sink, but remove the screen first.

then the kitchen, but first remove the screen from the spout and run the hot water side only.


Let me know how you make out.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
still the same no hot water.
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.



Now I need to know what happens when only the valve feeding the hot water heater is closed completely.....then open only the hot water sides on the kitchen, tub, etc., like before, please let me know what happens. this is to verify if there are any cross connections.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
still cold water
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.

are you saying that after you turned off/close the valve feeding the hot water heater you get cold water out of the hot water side of any of your faucets?

just verifying,

because you should not get any water when you open the hot water side of any faucet if the main valve on the hot heater is closed.

if that's the case I know what your problem is, but I want to make sure.


Bayside Homes



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes that is exactly what i'm saying...cold water comes out the faucet when the valve is closed...i closed the valve that lets cold water into the tank, was that the right valve?
Expert:  Charles, Bayside Homes replied 7 years ago.



Yes that is the valve, now let me try to explain, there is no way you should get any water whatsoever, hot or cold from any faucet with that (HWH) valve closed when you open only the hot handle on any fixture faucet.


Remember early on when I asked you about a washing machine and why; well this is what you were checking for, the exact same thing. But because you don't have a w/m, we had to do it one fixture at a time & then back track. Just the pains of troubleshooting.


The good news is we've discovered your problem, the bad news is either you or a plumber are going to have to fix it, I can't do it from here, but you will have saved them a lot of time, and yourself a lot of money.


Now, your problem is that you have a hot and cold water line crossed somewhere, I won't be able to find out exactly where from here, it could be anywhere in your system, it's more of a visible thing than we've done so far. What I mean by crossed is that your cold water and hot water are connecting directly together, somewhere in your piping system, or possibly on the hot water heater somehow.


That's why the water is hotter closer to the heater and colder further away.


Hope I have helped,

Thanks for your help

Bayside Homes


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