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I have replaced the shower hose and it is now leaking from

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I have replaced the shower hose and it is now leaking from where it goes into the shower unit.I have tried putting washers in but this has not solved the problem and I have also made sure that everything is tightened up.
Some hoses are meant to go one way, meaning that the end that goes to the shower head ( the part that you hold) and the end that goes to the pipe coming out of the wall are different. Try switching them around. If that doesn't work, its possible that you have faulty hose and need to replace it. The newer hoses, compared to the older ones, are really cheaply made. even on the higher name brand models

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This is the second hose I have purchased and have found the same problem with them both .


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Anything that will help solve the problem as I have tried everything I can think of including turning the hose around.

considereing its pretty much just 1/2" threads at both ends, My guess is that its a faulty hose. have you tried teflon tape on the ends? Is it leaking at the end that connects to the pipe coming out of the wall or the part you hold?


Its almost 430 am. ill be back at 930am, let me know. id like to help you figure this out.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The end that conects to the pipe coming out of the wall.

Sometimes, if you tighten that side too much, the washer can push into the pipe. If its a soft, or softer washer, thats likely whats happening.. The Pipe coming out of the wall(shower arm) is usually a thinner pipe than a regular nipple. Try using a little teflon tape and turn it a 1/4 or 1/2 turn past hand tight. Also, check the the end of the shower arm is smooth and uniform,if not try a different shower arm, you can et them at any hardware store


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have done as you said and discovered that if the hose is hanging loose without the shower head on there are no leaks but as soon as replace the head it starts again!Also if I hook the shower up with or without the head it leaks!!!It is driving me mad!!!!

Ok, we will figure this out. Is the hose connected directly to the shower arm? Or is there a fitting that is attached to the shower arm that the shower head sits in.


To me it sounds like a bad hose.


But lets back track a bit. Can you describe the shower valve and where you are putting the hose on? just so i have a better idea of where you're connecting to. The shower arm is the pipe coming out of the wall up top where the shower head attaches and I am assuming thats where you are attaching the hose to directly.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The shower valve is approx 1/2" long and is the same diam. as the hose.Both ends of the hose are exactly the same and one end is attached to the shower valve and the other to the shower head.
OK, so there is no place to mount the head on the arm up top. Its leaking because when you install the head its now making pressure in the hose. Ism just trying to figure out where you're mounting the hose, one side to the new head and the other to the valve. Its the valve side I want to know more about. Their both going to be 1/2 pipe threads. when you say valve, as a plumber I am thinking the valve is whats in the wall, The handle sticks out of the wall, along with a spout (if their is a tub) and a shower arm above and sometimes an extra place for a spray.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am getting confused now!!There is a small plastic pipe that comes from the unit itself and this where I have to attach the hose-it is approx 1'2" diam. and hose is the same although this has a fixed washer?and the internal diam. of this is smaller there is a chrome end that screws onto the plastic pipe coming from the unit this is on the end of the hose.The other end is the same but screws onto the shower head.This is a over the bath shower and includes a hook to the left of the shower to attach the hose.I hope that this explanation is ok can't think of how else to describe it.Should I just purchase another hose and this time get one with a new head as well?This is the second hose I have bought the first one was not leaking straight away but when it started I bought a new more exoensive one and that has been doing the same thing since I fitted it.
I know what you are talking about now. My apologies if I confused you, I was just making sure we were talking about the same thing. I would try another hose first, IF that doesn't work, then the plastic nipple that you are attaching might be cracked. Something like that can be very hard to see. . It also wouldn't hurt to put some Teflon tape on the threads before you put the next hose on.
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