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Sewer gas smell coming from kitchen drain for over 2 years.

Resolved Question:

Sewer gas smell coming from kitchen drain for over 2 years. In March 2008, new undermount sink and new countertop installed in kitchen and new plumbing was installed to accommodate new sink. Old pipes capped off under sink. Several months passed and kitchen drain clogged up, water backing up into sink, dishwasher and washing machine (appliances on same floor). Plumber opened trap in basement and a ton of smelly water came rushing out and was horrible to clean up. Plumber suggested using an Enzyme Cleaner every couple of months. Several months later we noticed kitchen drain seemed to be emitting sewer like smell. We've used bleach in sink and dishwasher, vinegar, mouthwash, enzyme cleaner, and any sink and drain products we can find to eliminate the odor. Have replaced garbage disposal, plumbing under sink, dishwasher, and had roof vents checked out. Have noticed after being gone for several days, sink is free of odor for couple of days and starts again. Now one of the sinks in our bathroom has a sewer like odor. We have had 3 licensed plumbers out to try and figure out the problem. The last plumber installed an air admittance valve. Total of 3 bathrooms in our home and I run water in all the fixtures every week. House was built in 1998 and is well maintained. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 7 years ago.

well some where there is a broken or open pipe letting the sewer gas into your house. A vent pipe that is cut and capped might do this if its not properly capped right. you said you had your kitchen drain and sink replaced and re piped, well did they cut off the old vent and leave it in the wall so that sewer gas can come out? the only way you can get a sewer gas is to have a broken or open pipe. Go in the attic and make sure the vent bar is all in good shape and make sure no fittings and pipe came undone. In the attic the vent pipe goes out the roof and vents to the out side , if this pipe is cracked broken or came apart then you will get gas smell all over the house. the only way to find it is to use a gas detector and track down where its the strongest and then find and fix problem. Why did you have your plumber add air admittance valves? was there no properer vents on any of the plumbing? If you don't have the properer venting on your water fixtures then the pipe will siphon dry and the sewer gas will then come into your home. Vents , help the trap from drying out and also help take the sewer gas and put it to the out side.


I know this is not the easiest thing to find, but as a licensed plumber and the right tools the plumber should of found the source of the problem and been able to fix it right, let alone 3 different plumbers.....who are you finding , any licensed plumber with a brain would know how to deal with this and find the problem.


I have a gas detector and a camera i can put in the walls and look around and with my experience would be able to find the source of the problem.

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