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My kitchen tile floor is warm in different areas. First, we

Resolved Question:

My kitchen tile floor is warm in different areas. First, we noticed warm tiles in front of the refrigerator. Then the area in front of the sink became warm as well. There is an island between the refrig and the sink. We thought the refrig was causing the problem. To rule that out we moved the refrig to another area, on the other side of the kitchen. After two days, the original refrig area is still warm. So, we have ruled out the refrig as the problem. The tiles under the temporary refrig location are not heating up. The water heater does not seem to be overworking and the meter reading does not show anything unusual. Should we call a plumber?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Patrick replied 7 years ago.
Do you have underfloor water supply piping for hot water? Check where your heating vents are directed. Are they in the areas that are warm?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I assume my hot water pipes are undefloor. I have a 2-story house, built in 1992. My neighbor is a contractor who initially thought I had a refrigerator problem. He would have told me if the pipes were not under the floor. As far as the heating vents, they are not in the areas that are warm.
Expert:  Patrick replied 7 years ago.
I would be surprised if you had hot water pipes running under your slab, especially in a two story house. Typically they would be run overhead between floors and then down the walls to the fixtures they serve. Think about where your hot water heater is located and then if there was a reason a hot water pipe would be near the refrigerator. You mentioned an island but did not say if the island had a sink in it. If you have an island sink then you would have underslab plumbing lines most likely feeding it. In that case I would wonder if there was a leak but I would think it would be where the pipes penetrated the slab under the island. If you are not getting water flow from your meter when everything is off I do not believe you have a problem. Take a reading at night and again in the morning without using water to flush and see if you get any change. Good luck. If this has proved helpful, please remember to hit ACCEPT, otherwise I do not receive credit. Thank you.

Edited by Patrick on 1/27/2010 at 5:20 AM EST
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Expert:  Patrick replied 7 years ago.
Also, the compressor can warm the area below the refrigerator that can spread on a tile floor as it warms up. Perhaps the dishwasher near your sink does the same from Its motor and venting of heat and steam.