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I recently installed a Morso Squirrel stove with back boiler

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I recently installed a Morso Squirrel stove with back boiler , and burn mostly wood but do use coal and dross, which generates considerable heat, i,ve noticed that the back boiler has sagged on the angled front side of the boiler, is there any danger of this bursting ?
Is the back boiler from Morso? Could you be a little more descriptive? Are you getting signs of too high pressure build up? Is the stove heated to cherry red?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Patrick,
Thanks for taking the time to get in touch.
The Morso Squirrel multi fuel stove was purchased brand new on 27th Oct this year.I bought a stainless steel back boiler , which i fitted myself and a right angled back outlet with clean out and flue. All parts are genuine Morso components , bought from a reputable Co. in Inverness ( Scotland )
I fitted it into the inglenook after removing an old 1950-60,s open style tiled fireplace which had a small copper back boiler , which was pretty in-efficient. So i plumbed the new stove into the existing pipe work, cold water inlet to bottom , hot outlet to top.( these are both 22mm pipes ) This is a direct convection system, no cental heating, open to atmosphere , so there is no pressure build up.It only provides hot water for domestic use ie bath, washing up etc not drinking water . It does make some pretty alarming noise when its firing up , but i never run it to cherry red. The origonal cold water feed tank was an old galvenized unit which had years of gunky build up in it , which was getting stirred up and coming through the system, so i have fitted a new plastic cold feed tank into the system.
I looked at a friend of mines similar unit today and theres no distortion at all in her boiler ,and her stove has been working since the mid 90,s maybe i,am overly concerned but when the water takes a rush through the pipes it does sound as if a steam trains coming down the line , accompanied with various cracks and bangs , then it settles down when the heat is more consistant , but it then continuosly expands and over flows back into the cold water feed tank........any ideas ? Hope you can reassure me , all the plumbing fittings are compression couplings by the way.

best regards XXXXX XXXXX
Donnie: Well, I will give it a try. If you figure that the back boiler has to go from one temperature extreme to another, as cold water fills in, and your entire system warms up and expands and contracts to some degree. When the water gets hot enough and is released as you need it, cold water rushes in and causes the pops and groans. I am concerned that the boiler has sagged. That does not sound good. i would contact the supplier and discuss this with them. If it is not a pressure system, this concerns me that there may be a defect in the tank. Worth a call to the supplier. Much better to be safe and check it out than find water from a bad seam break or incorrect bracing and support. Good luck. If this has proved helpful, please remember to hit ACCEPT, otherwise I do not receive credit. Thank you.
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