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I have a strong sewer odor coming from under my kitchen sink.

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I have a strong sewer odor coming from under my kitchen sink. I have made sure that the all pipes under the sink are tight and not leaking. I have made sure that the garbage disposal is clean. I have checked the vent pipe for leaks but there arent any. I have a water hose outside near where the kitchen sink is. When I run the water I can smell the sewer smell, when I turn it off the smell goes away. Any ideas?
The water hose should not have anything to do with your sewer line. Is it possible your vent is leaking inside the wall above the sink drain?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I ran a hose down my vent line and turned the water on, to see if anything was leaking. I exposed the area behind the wall, where the pipes from the sink meet the vent pipe and continue down through the slab. I could here the water running through and nothing seemed to be leaking. The insulation in the wall around the t-connection was dry.

The water hose issue was just something odd that I observed that happened to be near the general area of concern.
It sounds like you have checked everything that is visible. Only thought is that something is rotten in your disposal. Is there any smell in the sink from above?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No chance that it is the disposal. I completely removed the disposal to be sure. The smell is not evident from above the sink, only below the sink. Do you think there could be something cracked below the ground that could cause this? I also notice that running the water in the kitchen sink makes it smell a little worse. Also oddly noticed that when it rains the smell is a little worse. Knowing everything I have done, and like you said its seems I've checked everything visible, what do you think a professional plumber might do if they came to check it out?
Due to the location I have an idea. If your sewer line runs out of the house near where the kitchen sink is, it is possible that you could have a break in the sewer line at the location where the sewer line passes below the grade beam to outside the house. Sometimes due to differential settlement, sewer lines can be broken in this location. Sewer gas as well as sewage smells cold permeate the soil and leak up where the pipe penetratres the slab. It would be worth it to contact a reputable plumber to check out your situation. Good luck. If this has proven helpful, please remember to hit ACCEPT, otherwise I do not receive credit. Thank you.
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