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I have a Hydrotek 4000 K Rain unit I use to irrigate my yard.

Resolved Question:

I have a Hydrotek 4000 K Rain unit I use to irrigate my yard. The unit is leaking very badly from numerous pin holes in and arounfd the base of the unit. The unit may be 20 years old I don't know. How can this problem be fixed? Does the entire unit have to be replaced? Is it still available for purchase?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  repipeslo replied 7 years ago.
Are you able to upload a picture of it leaking.
Expert:  repipeslo replied 7 years ago.
Here is a checklist of things to check for the unit if it has water leaking out the small holes in the sides:
1.) Make sure there is no debris inside the cam. Clean and carefully reinstall the cam.

2.) If fewer than the maximum number of outlets are being used, check the installation of the cam. Ensure that the stem and disk assembly is not being held down by an improperly installed cam.

3.) Remove the valve top and check for proper movement of the stem and disk assembly. Check for and remove any debris or foreign objects that may jam or stop the movement of the disk.

4.) Check for freedom of movement of stem and disk assembly up and down over the center pin in bottom of valve. Scale and dirt deposits may build up on the pin and hold stem and disk assembly down. Clean pin and again check for freedom of movement.

If there is water coming out of more than one outlet, it can be caused when the stem and the disk assembly is not seating properly on the valve outlet. Try this:

1.) Check for sufficient water flow. A minimum of 10 GPM is required to properly seat the disk. For water flow between 6 and 10 GPM, a stem and disk assembly with a lighter spring is available from K Rain.

2.) Remove the valve top and check the inside walls to ensure that nothing is interfering with the up and down movement of the stem and disk assembly inside the valve.

3.) Make sure that the operating outlets are not capped and that the flow to the operating zones is not restricted in any manner.

Another possible issue to consider is too many sprinkler heads on a zone will cause insufficient pressure for the disk to seat firmly over the valve outlet. If if this is the case, reduce the number of heads on the zone to obtain the proper sprinkler operating pressure.
Expert:  repipeslo replied 7 years ago.
I got this information from there website I can link you to it if you would like.
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