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We have a Kohler toilet Model #K3402PB, the seat on it is loose,

Resolved Question:

We have a Kohler toilet Model #K3402PB, the seat on it is loose, how can we tighten it?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Mario replied 8 years ago.

it depends on witch one


one toilet they made has the nuts inside the tank ( a big pain in the but )

and another has mettel gromets that sit in the china


for the one with the internal nuts do as follows

at the hinge pry up the covers and expose the bolt attempt to reeach in the tank and try to hold back on the nut with a small pair of water pump pliers or possibly with a basin wrench ( this is a pan in the neck so dot get discorreged ( Warning dont break the plastic flush valve they cost about 150 to 170 to replace


if you have the gromet style just turn the screw under the hinge cover if it just spins call 1-800-4 KOHLER and they will send you a free kit to install a new seat screw kit

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