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I have a Ruth Berry water pump. Last night I noticed that

Resolved Question:

I have a Ruth Berry water pump. Last night I noticed that the water pressure had dropped after taking shower last night. I thought I knew what that the problem was from loss of pressure and that manually operating the pressure switch would fix it but when i turned the handle on the pressure switch nothing happened. It sounded like there was power to the pump motor but nothing was turning. This morning I replaced the power points on my pressure switch and got the same result. The engine would not work. There was power to it but it wasnt working. My pump is primed Not with water but with air. (dont ask I dont know why...I tried adding air to the pump and only heard the water bubbling and there was a leak under the tank(Here is my problem I think....) What should be my first second and final steps in fixing this withOUT calling a plumber....
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Patrick replied 8 years ago.
Your tank sounds like it may be shot. You need to verify if your pump is actually operational. It sounds like you have power to your pump. It may be that your pump is bad. The impeller or diaphragm may be shot. You should have water and not air in the pump. If the pressure tank has a bladder that has gone bad or lost air, you will need to try recharging it. You may need a new tank if the bladder is bad. Check the attached site for tank replacement. You may have a combination of issues with your pump and tank. You need to investigate each separately in order to determine if you just have one or multiple problems. Good luck. If this has proven helpful, please remember to hit ACCEPT, otherwise I do not receive credit. Thank you.<a href="" target="_blank"></a>" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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