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For 2 days we have had a persistent high pitch, squealing sound

Resolved Question:

For 2 days we have had a persistent high pitch, squealing sound in our kitchen. It sounds as if it is above the ceiling, but we can't isolate it to a small area.    Our kitchen sits below our guest bathroom.   I have shut-off the water, drained the pipes, flushed the toilets,ie, depressurized and it doesn't stop - the high pitch squeal persists.    I have also disabled all power to house thinking it maybe electrically related.    No change. Could this be a plumbing/line issue?   It has been going on for about 36 hours and just this evening the volume has increased a bit, ie, it is getting worse/more annoying.   thanks.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Mario replied 8 years ago.

ok let me see if i got this you have a high pitched noise in the house and so far you


shut off the water to the whole house as well as the power ( main breaker ) to the whole house and you still have this noise after both are done am ai correct


if so


have you checked and and all smoke detectors on the second floor or the atic

do you have kids that have thoes anoying toys that may be lost somewhere

have you had a worker in the house that may have lost a tester in a wall or closet somewhere

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes - high pitched noise in house - specifically in kitchen.
yes - shut off water throughout house.
yes - shut off power to house,ie, individual circuit breakers tripped, but did not trip main breaker. -- did not want to pull main bus breaker.
yes- checked all smoke detectors - not the problem -
it is not a toy.
no workers in house for months - convinced no testers 'left in walls' etc.
can you offer any advice?
Expert:  Mario replied 8 years ago.
is it possible a small rodent is stuck inthe wall ( befor you say no i have seen this befor more then once )
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
a rodent stuck in the wall? this is not a rodent sound. as I said, it has been going on for almost 2 days. the noise is consistent/persistent - a rodent would not carry on for nearly 2 days. Let me describe the noise a bit more -- it is almost like a high-pitch, low volume steam whistle or close to this. Do you think it has to do with plumbing at all???????
Maybe I'm asking the wrong tradesmen category these questions???
Expert:  Mario replied 8 years ago.

tonly thing in your house that would make that noise in the plumbing section are as follows


a loose washer ( you shut and drained the water ) thats out

if you have steam heat ( but the boiler has to shut off from time to time ) if you have steam heat

a bad well pump ( if you have well water and a pump by your kitchen )

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