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My bath / shower mixer does not work properly. When pulling

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My bath / shower mixer does not work properly. When pulling the mixer up to divert the water to the shower head, water still flows out of the taps. Even adjusting the mixer lever back down slightly does not totally solve the problem. Could it be that I need a new internal part, such as a washer? If so, would I need to turn off the household water supply?
HiCustomerbr />It sounds to me like your concern is that not all the water is diverted to the shower when you engage the diverter. If the diverter is a button on the top of the tub spout then the diverter spout is probably worn and should be replaced if you want to improve the flow to the shower. Replacing the spout is just a matter of spinning the old one off and replacing it with a similar new one. Occasionally these spouts are held on with a set screw which you will need to release to get it off. If the diverter is in your shower valve then you will probably need a new diverter part. You would need to disassemble the valve (turn the main water off first) and determine what part needs to be replaced. Diverter mechanism vary a lot form one valve to the next so the only way to determine which part you need is to disassemble the valve. Bear in mind that if you need to shut of the entire house and you have a problem you won't have any water until the valve is fixed. It's also possible that you have a separate valve in the wall dedicated just to diverting the water. If this is the case then you will also need to disassemble the diverter valve but you shouldn't need to shut the main water off since the only time water should be flowing through the diverter valve is when the shower valve is turned on.
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