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my bathroom sink drains, but then gurgles up through the shower

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my bathroom sink drains, but then gurgles up through the shower -
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
More info: both the sink and shower are a new install to a rough in currently existing in the house - The shower drain was tested, but the sink is newly installed. What would be the symptoms of a blocked vent pipe? (both the shower and sink are vented together). A tub in the same bathroom is vented separately and has no problem. If I recall they all got to a common drain pipe out to the septic tank.

Well, a blocked vent can cause generally only one fixture not to work...I know there are some pros that will blame the vent very quickly when it really isn't the problem. If all other fixtures in the house are working, I would believe the plumber knew what he was doing with the venting, and woul not think that to be a problem.


If you run water into the tub does it drain good?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The tub drains great - even ran it full to the point of running the jets. The sink drains fine - the water just goes to the shower!

I'm sorry, I mean't the shower not the tub. Does the shower drain good by itself? Put a plastic bowl over the drain and fill the shower as much as possible and drain that and see if the drain is slow or normal.


The vent could explain the gurgling from the sink into the shower but not water backing up into the shower. The air in the line has somewhere to go unless the drain line is running uphill, with a bad vent.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well - I think I see the problem. They aren't tied to a common drain - so it must be blocked. I went into the basement and where there is a PVC pipe on the same wall and it's capped and doesn't appear to be connected to the waste pipe.   If it's the drain for the shower and sink, would it be reasonable to see that the pipe is just filled up?

What I thought was a properly draining shower, wasn't.

Yes if the capped line is the common drain, it is just filled up.



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