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I installed a 80 gallon electric water heater from LOWES. Also

Customer Question

I installed a 80 gallon electric water heater from LOWES. Also I installed a Expansion tank because there was no previous one.       Water would run cold after 2 minutes. Tested elements , thermostates Dip tube all ok. But still no hot water. Made sure cold water line was going to inlet of heater too. Then I Changed both elements and Thermostats anyway. still no hot water after 2 minutes. Returned Heater to Lowes and bought a Bradford White at Plumbing supply. water still ran cold after a few minutes. Even though unlikelyness of 2 bad heaters, I Checked Dip tube , electric was 240 at each element, all elements and controls are fine.I then Removed expansion tank and ran heater without it . The heater finally supplied enough water for 2 showers that day.The next day the heater is running out of hot water after a few minutes . the only thing I can think of trying now is if there is trapped air in system or somthing is backfeeding through a faucet . Or a faucet is hooked up backwards
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Bud replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for asking here at JustAnswer


Did you check the tempature of the piping coming out of the water heater? Did you check that the entire tank was full of hot water? We need to determine where the problem starts.


I will be back online in the evening tomorrow.



Expert:  Bud replied 8 years ago.

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