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I want to add Glycol to my boiler system. Do you have a procedure

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I want to add Glycol to my boiler system. Do you have a procedure that I can follow and what type of Glycol would you recommend for our new boiler.

adding glycole to your system is tricky first you will need a 5 gal pail to mesure how much water you take out


then you read the glycol and it will tell you how much to put in and and at what tep you will be protected at


you will need to get what is called a pony pump to force the glycol into the system but then you have to blow the air out but you need to be shure you dont lose the glycole you just installed


blead into a bucket but replenish the water from the bleed pail back into the boiler with the pump


you will nee a tester to test the system water to make shure what you did is good and not a waste of money thay sell thease strips that work well


i must say i give this task a 7-8 on the 1 to 10 scale only beacuse it does requier some level of plumbing and heating experince and if not done right can cause dammage


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You did not suggest what type of Glycol I should use. Automotive antifreeze is corrosive as well as many others. What is safe to use in my system which has copper in it.

Hurclies makes a great product used by most trades men who glycol systems


but if you want to go cheep and still get a good product you can use


SEARIA non toxic anti freeze and it ot is good

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