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I have a clog in my bathtub, I have used drano in the past

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I have a clog in my bathtub, I have used drano in the past and it has cleared, however I have used three bottles of drano max and its not working. by the end of my shower Im in ankle deep water. The drain is so slow. I have also tried a hair zip thing and there is nothing there, what could be the problem?

Customer sometimes if the clog is a little hair or grease chemical cleaners will work. Sometimes when I cut out an old piece of galvanized pipe you can't even fit a pencil through it. The chemicals will clear a small hole through the middle of the pipe only to clog again. The problem could be a little to far for the hair zip thing. You need to use a snake to clean the drain. They make small snakes that you can attach to a drill(corded or cordless) You have to snake it from the bathtub overflow after taking of the plate and the inside parts attached to the plate. Take your time and snake it slowly, you will feel when you hit an obstruction like a fitting or a blockage, go very slowly when that happens. Once it's cleaned out you may want to use a drain conditioner that is a Concentrated Enzyme Formula. the enzymes eat anything organic and will restore the piping back to near it's full size if snaking doesn't. Plumber Tom

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks I will try this, my dad has a big snake that you hand crank. will that work?


what is the name of the enzyme formula? Where can I find it?

Bathtubs usually have small (1-1/2") traps. you need a very small flexible snake to get through the trap. The smaller the better. Usually 25 Ft is long enough. There are many different enzyme products. you can get them in Home centers. I have used (Bio-clean) with good results, bought through Plumbing Contractors.
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