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my garbage disposal is collecting my dishwasher drain water ...

Customer Question

my garbage disposal is collecting my dishwasher drain water and consequently this water overflows into the sink before very slowly draining,leaving behind the residue.i have a two sink set up the non disposer sink drains fine.checked for clogs-none.checked dishwasher drain hose position-installed per manufacturerpecommendation.never had this problem until reinstalled dishwasher.manufacturer says drain line must be plumb-it is.if mmain sink drains ok why does other sink with disposal back up if they bothgo into common drain dear son has taken every thing apart over and over dishwasher drains water disposal fills up.please help
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  UAFITTER693 replied 9 years ago.
Customer I am assuming that you have run the drain hose directly from the dishwasher to the disposal without routing it up to an airgap mounted on the top of the graphicsink by the faucet. If this is the case then one of the first things you need to do is to install this airgap, for two reasons. The first and most important reason is for health issues. If an airgap is not used or the highest point of the drain from the dishwasher does not run above the drain inlet than waste water that might back up from a plugged drain or from the sink can siphon down into the dishwasher. The second reason for this hookup is to help reduce the discharge flow from the dishwasher enough for the drain to accept it.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
please provide some kind of diagram so i can visualize what you are desribing. also,this has been the same set up i have had for yearsand never had this problem before.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the dishwasher discharge does not back flow into my dishwasher as the discharge hose is looped behind the dishwasher higher than the garbage disposal drain.i have never seen a n air trap assembly exposed on a counter top.
Expert:  UAFITTER693 replied 9 years ago.
Customer The aircap diagram shown above is a common practice and most times required by the plumbing code, the black hose in the picture would be the discharge hose from the dishwasher. The only other answer to the slow drain of the disposal would be a partial blockage in the disposal itself. Sometimes when the trap is tied directly ontop the disposal outlet, often times it maybe pushed to far up the disposal outlet and hinder or partial block the bottom part of the trap.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thankyou for your expert advise.I dumped a gallon of water into my dishwasher and turned on so it would drain.The water acumulated in the disposer Kithenaid 1 hp.batch feed and the water filled the disposer sink,before slowly draining.I have had this set up for several years. Each sink has its own trap which connect to a commmon drain pipe.The problem started when my son changed out the main sink trap which was leaking. Both traps were originally chrome galvanized .The replacement is now pvc and the other the original one.How can my son open the disposer and check its water basin for some kind of obstuction? By the way ,we did push a bottle brush into the discharge opening, nothing there however there could be something beyond and this is why we want to open it.