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My house pump keeps running about every 15 min, even when ...

Resolved Question:

My house pump keeps running about every 15 min, even when the water is not being used, and when you turn the water on it has air in pipes.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  UAFITTER693 replied 9 years ago.
Customer Because the fact that you stated that it lose's pressure without water drawn off then it wont be the bladder inside the pressure tank. If this is a deep well pump and not jet pump it may be possible that the foot valve (check valve) inside the pump itself has failed and this would cause the water in your line between the pump and pressure tank to empty every time the pump shuts off and when you said you noticed air from the faucet, that would almost be my first thought. . You can start by checking that first, just shut off the water supply closest to the pressure tank on the outlet side once the pump is up to pressure, watch the pressure gauge that is located on the tank tee comming out of the pressure tank, if the pressure drops then water is escaping between the pressure tank and the pump and most likely from the pump itself. If this is the case, the pump can be rebuilt but I would highly recomend to replace it because if it has been doing this for some time then the motor has become weak and may not last long after and it would be more cost affective if you replaced it. If this is a jet pump with a line running out of a cistern or spring and brought to the house by a pump in the house then if there is a leak on a head gasket or on the line after the pump it would be easy to spot.
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