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Where is the water supply shut off to my well?

Resolved Question:

I own a manufactured home with Quest plumbing, and have my well buried in my front yard. Just installed a new kitchen faucet, and discovered that the grey plastic shut off for the cold water line to the new sink leaks - even though I also replaced the nipple and washer due to rust.

Went back to the plumbing supply store, and was told to cut the grey plastic line and install a new metal shut off. (Bought all necessary pieces).

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to shut off the water supply to the line. Checked the well itself (nothing obvious to shut off), crawled under the house to check for an intake line, and am just about to do the unthinkable and call a plumber! What should I be looking for in the well as a shut off valve?

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 9 years ago.

Hi Customer;

The water shut off valve should be where the water supply line comes into the home. It will be in a direct line from the water heater to the well. It will be a 1" pipe coming streight out of the ground. Of course this is if it was done correctly. Seeings as you can not locate the shut off this is definatly suspect.

If anything you should be able to turn the water off at the hot water heater. There will be two valves. One for the hot side and one for the cold. Just turn them both off and then drain the system from its lowest point of the home. This is usually an exterior faucet (hose bib).

check this out and see if you can locate the pipe coming from the ground to the home. I have seen plumbers bury the valve to protect it from freezing. If it is easy access try digging down about 6"{ where the pipe exits the ground. The valve may be there.

If there is no valve where the pipe comes from the ground you may want to seriously think about putting one there. You can then install a small door in the skirting to easily access it in case of emergency. Considering the brand of the piping you have in the home this would be a very wise investment.

I am curious if you are aware that there is a possibility that you may be entitled to compensation to have the piping in your home replaced. There was a recall on this type of piping some years back. Last I checked there were still certain homes that qualify for at least some portion of the settlement. It may be only a few hundred dollars but its better than nothing.

If you would like for me to see if you qualify I will need the year you purchased it. The model year, make, and model number of the manufactured home.

I will be here to answer them. If for some reason you are not happy. Please tell me what I can do to put a smile on your face.

Thank you for using Just Answer. Please tell someone about us.

Best regards.

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