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When I flush my toilet, the tank does not refill with water ...

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When I flush my toilet, the tank does not refill with water even though the flap shuts properly. I've checked for leaks around the toilet and there are none. I have to manually fill the tank with water to be able to flush it. By the way, the float system in the tank is the single stalk kind without a ball. Do I need to change it?


Has this happened all of a sudden or has it been progressive? ie: taking longer and longer to fill.

If it has been progressive then the tank valve (stalk looking thing) may not be the problem. If it happened suddenly then it is the culpret Im sure. These have a bad tendency to get build up on them and then the float mechanism gets stuck and wont allow water into the tank.

the first thing you should check is the 'angle stop' at the wall. Thats the little faucet that the supply hose attaches to. Make sure that it is turned on all the way.

If its is ok then go ahead and pick up a new tank valve at the hardware store. You will need a cresent wrench and a pair of pliers to change the unit out. There will be directions that come with the new valve. If you have a problem just ask it here in this thread. I will be here to answer you. (this afternoon that is. Have to do a repair job for my Mom this a.m.).

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
This problem happened just all of a sudden, although I noticed that not long ago I had the opposite problem: the tank would overfill and I'd have to fiddle with the little arm on the tank valve for it to stop. I'll get a new tank valve and give you a holler if I have any problems with it. :-) Thank you!

Your most welcome.

Thank you for accepting.

Best rgards; The Home Smithy

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to The Home Smithy's Post: I need your help again. I can't even disconnect the nut from underneath the toilet tank so I can take out the old tank valve! There are two white plastic nuts underneath. I was able to loosen the top one, which is flat in shape but it won't loosen all the way. The larger white coupling beneath it doesn't want to budge so they're sitting on top of each other now. The mechanism inside the tank is already kind of bobbing around but I can't get the nut off the bottom so I can take the whole thing out.
Do you have any string? some good stout sissel or cotton will do. the stronger the better. Nylon (lot lay out line) will work.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I finally got the nut off. Seemed like taking the old part off was harder than putting the new one in! Thanks a bunch.

Hey thats great!.

So it is back up and running now?

The trick that I use if I dont have my sawsall to trim the old nut off with. Is to take a piece of stout string and wrap it around either a couple piecec of wood dowling or even a couple butter knifes and use the string as a saw. As you pull it back and forth acrost the plastic fittings it creates a lot of friction and will litterally melt through the plastic. You can then just grab the nut with some pliers and bust it the rest of the way off.

There are landscapers that never carry a saw or pipe cutters. They just grab lot line as they are raking the lots down.

Im glad you got it back in,Customer

Best regards; The Home Smithy


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes, everything in the tank works just as it should now. I'm one happy camper. :-) Thanks again.
You are, again, most welcome.