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Had tummy tuck 11 days ago and had bandage / dressing

Customer Question

Hello , had tummy tuck 11 days ago and had bandage / dressing removed yesterday , it all looked good but surgeon noticed some fluid which he drained 50 cl. I was disappointed / anxious after as I worry about scare stories on after effects of tummy tuck.
I feel a little hot on both sides of abdomen today and concerned there may be more flyid. He said to leave it if it is a small amount as will resolve itself but if it feels like a lot to come back to him sooner. I m not sure I know what a lot or a little would
look or feel like ? Also can it harm me having untrained fluid in me? Second poit is that I have had chills since the operation - several a day feeling suddenly v chilly but I have no sign of temperature thankfully. But what is causing chills , shoukd I ask
for antibiotics in case of infection in the offing? If its a sign of that wood it not be best to assume it and take on board an anti biotic? Many thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Plastic Surgery
Expert:  Plastic Surgeon replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your question. It is not unusual to have some fluid after a tummy tuck. Most of the time the fluid is reabsorbed by your body. If you have an infection, you should have a fever and redness of the incision. The fluid formed after a tummy tuck is related to the amount of raw tissue until it heals. If the fluid builds up again, it needs to be drained and cultured. That probably should have been done already. Your chills are caused by the healing. If you think the fluid is building up again, you need to see your physician and be started on an antibiotic until the culture shows if it is infected or not. Be careful with your activity. Increasing your activity may increase the fluid. I am available if you have more questions.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you - finally how does one know one has fluid there are many different sensations after tummy tuck in abdomen. I feel a hotness from time time at the sides. The tummy looks flat though.
Expert:  Plastic Surgeon replied 2 years ago.

If the fluid increases, you will see some increased swelling and you may be able to feel the fluid move. There may also be some redness develop where the fluid is.