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I am 5 weeks post op breast reduction and mass removal from

Customer Question

I am 5 weeks post op breast reduction and mass removal from right axilla (golf ball size). I have been very frustrated b/c I am not getting straight answers/support from my Dr.
I am 138lbs, 5"5". I was a 36E in Le Mystere which is a brand that runs larger than typical store sizes. (33" ribcage, 40 fullest part). I was VERY specific in that I wanted to be a B and or as SMALL as possible. I had 173g and 203g removed. I still fit in the bras I wore preop. I've been on a support group website and seen a lot of other women that were similar to my size and had MUCH more removed than I did. I am starting to wonder if really all I got was a lift. In addition, although I specifically asked if the removed tissue would be sent to pathology (and was led to believe it would be) it was NOT. I am VERY upset about this.
How likely is is that I'll go down another 4 cup sizes 5 weeks post op. My incisions are red, but healing. Bruising is minimal. Just a little around the "T". I am really trying to keep it together... but I go from being ok to sobbing uncontrollably to being downright angry (which is what I am at the moment.
I have expressed my concerns a number of times-but the response or lack of has been vague and dismissive. I don't know what to do... and I don't know what is worse... trying to express my concerns yet again... or not expressing them... still.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Plastic Surgery
Expert:  Plastic Surgeon replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. From the size you were, it sounds like you could have had more tissue removed. I am assuming that you discussed the approximate you you wanted to be before surgery with your physician. The tissue removed in surgery should have been sent to the pathologist for examination. It sounds like you may benefit from getting another opinion. I am available if you have more questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Absolutely I discussed it. I thought I was VERY clear as I've had plastic surgery over 5 yrs ago that I was not happy with. Is getting a 2nd opinion this soon post op a good idea? Bad idea? I'm hearing from quite a few people that I should wait 3 mos-And that a revision won't even be possible for 6-9 months. Is that correct? I paid for this out of pocket, and don't have another 8k just lying around for the next time. When a patient is this dis-satisfied, is getting money back an option? Based on my measurements provided... what approx amt should have been removed to get close to achieving the results I wanted? I know you cannot give exact amounts... but is 100g per cup size somewhat accurate?

Expert:  Plastic Surgeon replied 2 years ago.
You really should get another opinion at this point. Even though a revision should not be done for 6-9 months, another opinion is important to have. Getting money back from a surgeon can be difficult. You can discuss this with your present surgeon. You could have had much more tissue removed. It is not possible to give an amount without seeing a picture and without an exam. The amount you had removed is not considered a breast reduction by many board certified plastic surgeons.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

What approximate amount removed IS considered a reduction by many board certified plastic surgeons (in general)? Thank you

Expert:  Plastic Surgeon replied 2 years ago.
A minimum of 500-750 grams per side is considered a breast reduction by insurance carriers for breast reduction.