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Greg A.
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We have a Panasonic KX-TGEA20 with three phones. Recently we

Customer Question

we have a Panasonic KX-TGEA20 with three phones. Recently we changed from Comcast to direct tv / ATT. As a result all three phones and the main receiver flash a message signal constanly and no messages are recorded. Is this sitation repairable?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Phone Systems
Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hello & Welcome,

Sorry to hear of any issue you are having with your phones.

To help you with this issue, may I ask:

1) The FULL Model Number of the phone system you are working with? If this is a cordless system, that model should be printed on a sticker on the bottom or back of the main base unit and START with KX-TG, but have no "A" in it (which is for the cordless handsets & chargers).

2) Are you seeing ANY "text" on ANY of the cordless handsets about a message? And if so, what is that EXACT text?

3) Can you also do a quick TEST for me?

That TEST is to pick up any cordless handset while the system is not in use, press the TALK button, and QUICKLY listen for the dial tone.

Let me know if you hear ANY "beeps" or "pulsed" dial tones, BEFORE a clear dial tone.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
To Greg A.
1st ?. Base unit is model KX-TG230.
2nd ? Base unit is model KX-TGEA20 B
3rd Base unit is KX-TGA20 B
Your ? 3. Dial tone after pressing the talk button - Yes there is a pulsed dial tone before the clear dial tone.
Hope this is usful information.
IF YOU NEED MORE info , call with questions
Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hi again Jon,

Sorry for any delay.

OK - the KEY factor here is the presence of the "pulsed dial tone" - right after pressing the TALK button.

What those pulsed tones are is a "signal" - that there is a "Voicemail system" ACTIVE (from your service provider), and that there are NEW messages waiting in that system OR that system needs some kind of attention (such as needing to be set up).

Since you mentioned that you recently switch to an AT&T service, I will let you know that the most common way to access their voicemail system FROM your home phone is to

Pick up any handset and wait for the CLEAR DIAL TONE (press TALK if needed).

Dial * 9 8

When/if prompted, enter your mailbox PIN

Press 1 to listen to the messages or verbal instructions.

If those key presses DO get you into the voicemail system, then you have confirmed that their system is turned ON (active), and you will want to listen to any messages that may be stored there, and perhaps set up the system for further use (if you want to continue to use it).

You SHOULD have received a "welcome letter" (or email) from AT&T that tells you how that setup is done, and any other codes to access the system.

But if you did not get that letter or email, you can always contact the Technical Support folks (available 24 hours a day) using the following number.

AT&T Customer Support : 1(###) ###-####/strong>

Go through menu to reach Technical Support (24/7).

I hope this all makes sense and explain what steps are needed to correct this issue.


This is NOT an issue with the phones, as they are doing what they were designed to do (let you know there is a "Voicemail" message waiting).

Once all the NEW message have been listened to on the Voicemail system, that signal (pulsed tones) SHOULD go away, along with the message indicators.

If needed, contacting the Technical Support folks at your provider (usually available 24/7) should get you detailed information on how to access their system, and they should be able to configure the system for you.

Please let me know what you find or if you have ANY more questions about your phone system.

If this has answered your question(s), please take a moment to rate MY service level (Excellent is my goal) so that I get credit for helping you with this question.
You should see some "stars" to do that, but please let me know if you do NOT see them (you may have to scroll UP or DOWN) or can not use them.

Thanks, ***** *****
--. .-

Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hi again,

I see it has been a few days and I just wanted to follow up to see if you have any more questions concerning this issue or if the issue was resolved?

I look forward to any further questions or results that you may have.

Thanks, ***** *****
--. .-