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I'm moving into an office space which has an old phone system

Customer Question

I'm moving into an office space which has an old phone system and I'd like to just get a new phone system. I have no knowledge of the phone system for offices with multiple extensions. Please tell me how this works and the do's and dont's.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Phone Systems
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Hi there, The technology used by computers and telephones is converging fast, offering businesses new applications that may change the way they work and improve efficiency. This convergence is becoming an important factor to consider when making the decision on a telephone system. For example, the technology is here today to allow you to have “screen popping” when callers ring in. This means that if their calling number is ***** and their details are on your contact database, these will automatically appear on your computer screen. In the same way, by the click of a mouse button you can make a call to a contact direct from your PC screen. Voicemail messages can be transferred to your mobile phone, or sent as an audio file to your e-mail account.Further factors to consider are the expansion possibilities and add-ons you may wish to invest in at a later stage. For example, how many extensions does the system you are looking at go up to, how many lines will it support, can you upgrade to having voicemail or PC integration? Do you need digital ISDN lines to get Direct Dialling In (DDI) functionality and maybe cut down the number of lines you need or will analogue lines give you the services you want now and in the future?Features to consider:call logging – records the numbers dialled by individual extensionscall barring – barring users from dialling out certain numbersautomated attendant – callers are offered a series of numbers to press to get to the correct department/extensionconference calling – most systems provide this, but any handsets used must have a reliable and efficient microphone as well as a speakerpaging – again, ensure microphones and speakers are adequatecalling line identification (CLI) – requires a good handset with an adequate display screenmusic on hold – ensure that it is not too tiresome and that you can add your own choice of musicdirectory phone book – an internal directory listing all company contacts available for users to dialdisaster recovery options – how long does it take to divert a call and is this an automated processscalability – can the system grow with your business easilySpend time to consider all the options and talk to others before selecting a system. Once you have identified the features that are important to you look at the how different systems can for fill these. Don’t be afraid to ask the dealer as many questions as you want. Touch and feel the system, practice using it, try transferring a call. It is the only way to really tell what the system is like.