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My Panasonic (6541-5 phones) problem is that one phone seems

Customer Question

My Panasonic (6541-5 phones) problem is that one phone seems to be on "hold" with no dial tone and does not function, it appears to have good batteries. How can I get it to function properly?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Phone Systems
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,
May I ask a little bit more about this issue?
For example, may I ask:
1) The AGE of this system and WHEN this issue first began?
2) Do all of the other handsets still function properly (for MAKING and RECEIVING calls)?
3) Have the batteries in ANY of the handset EVER been replaced with NEW batteries (if so, when was the last time)?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
1) About three years
2) Yes the rest of the handsets work perfect5lyt be
3) No, none have been replaced, and this one seems to have charged properly. It all seemed to have started when an outside phone call came in. I thought I might be needed,but found out I wasn't and simply hung up by hitting off. This is when it all happened.
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again,
Sorry for any delay.
OK - what I would do is to "reset" the handset - by removing the batteries from the handset - and leaving them out for about 10-15 minutes.
Then - with the handset CLOSE TO the MAIN BASE UNIT (in the same room is fine), put the batteries back in and WAIT about 30 seconds for the handset to "reconnect" with the main base unit.
You may also want to put the handset ON the main base unit for another 30 seconds or so, and then pick it up and press the TALK button - to TEST for a dial tone.
Please give that a try and let me know your results.
If that does not work, then a full SYSTEM rest might restore operation. I will send that process along if this single handset reset does not work.
Thanks, ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry that I didn't reply sooner. I tried to reset the phone as per your instructions. In short, it didn't work. However, I have an idea that it might be the batteries. I tried Radio Shack. I'm going to check Radio Shack again today.k Radio Shack again.
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again,
It is POSSIBLE that the batteries are the cause. Just make sure you get the same TYPE (rechargeable Ni-MH of the same or greater capacity). And you SHOULD be able to get those batteries at almost any store that carries Cordless phone systems (Electronics store, office supply store, department store, etc.).
NOTE: If you are NOT in a hurry and want to save some money on replacement batteries, Amazon usually has them for a good price, especially if you buy them in a large number (for ALL the handsets).
The Panasonic part number for the batteries is HHR-4DPA, and I have a link to an Amazon search below.
Please let me know what you find or if you have more questions or symptoms to report.
Thanks, ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I thought at one time that it must be my batteries, but I wrote off the batteries last night by taking the batteries out of the non operating phone, and putting them in the operating one, and continues to operate. It can't be the we're back to square one. I'm now reading the entire book. Sincerely, Bob
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again,
Did you put the batteries from the "working handset" into the non-working handset - and see if that worked?
If not, please try that. AND let me know what shows on the display of the non-working handset - when you try to use it.
Expert:  Greg A. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again,
Just in case you find out that the one handset has failed, I will let you know that you CAN get a replacement handset and register it to the main base - so that it will work with this system.
The Model of the Handset can be one of the following:
KX-TGA652 (original that came with the system - may be hard to find except as "used" - which I do NOT recommend).
KX-TGA651 (Large buttons, display 1.8 inches - similar to KX-TGA652)
KX-TGA401 (Extra Large buttons, display 1.8 inches)
KX-TGA750 (Large buttons, display 2.1 inches)
I did a search for the KX-TGA652 handset, and saw the following results (from Amazon).
KX-TGA652 Search (use link below).
You MAY notice that sometimes you can get a "system" with 2 handsets for just a bit more than a single replacement handset alone.
Please let me know what you find and what you decide - if you need a replacement handset.
Thanks, ***** *****