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I cannot get my answering system to record or play back on

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I cannot get my answering system to record or play back on a new DECT 6.0 Three Handset Answering System
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

May I ask the Make (brand) & Model Number of the phone system you are working with?
This sounds like a cordless system, so please look for that model number on the back or bottom of the main base unit OR on the box or paperwork that came with this system.

Also, may I ask what phone service provider you have for this phone line?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Hi again and thanks for that information.

You mentioned that you TRIED calling the system and leaving a TEST message.

May I ask the number of rings that you heard in the calling phone - before the system picked up the call?

May I also ask if you recorded your own "greeting", and if you heard that greeting when placing this test call?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the system is set for 5 rings


we did hear the greeting, then left a message; the screen window lists "New Voicemail" and "3 missed calls" but there is nothing recorded to retrieve

Hi again,

May I ask if you can CHANGE the number of rings on your AT&T system to 2 rings, and then place your TEST CALL again?

I only ask because I suspect that you have a "Voice Mail" system on your phone line, and that voice mail system is taking the calls instead of the AT&T system.

If that is the case, setting the number of rings to 2 will allow the AT&T system to pick up the call BEFORE the voice mail system, and your test message will be left there.

Please give that a try and let me know your results.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


yes that worked thanks. can we set it for three?

Hi again,

I do believe that you could set the number of rings to 3, and that would still work for you.

But I do want you to understand that you have a SEPARATE "Voice Mail" system operating - on your phone line. This is a "service" from your phone service provider, and you may have other features on your phone service (such as call waiting) where if you are on the line, that separate voice mail system will take the messages.

So what I would recommend is contacting your phone service provider to see if the "Voice Mail" system can be configured so that it is either OFF, or doesn't pick up until a LARGE number of rings - such as 10 rings - so there is plenty of time for you AT&T system to pick up the call.

I hope this is clear and helps. Please let me know your results or if you have more questions.


P.S. I have a errand to run but will be back shortly - if you have more questions.
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