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At my friends house his phones are not operating...dead. He

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At my friends house his phones are not operating...dead. He gets the click sound when he hangs up the phone but nothing else. When I call his phone number all I get is the busy signal. He has unplugged all of the phones and when I call I still get the busy signal. Now this happened a couple of weeks ago and after unplugging all of the phones , waiting a bit and plugged them back in his phones worked. what should we do to try and correct this.
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

May I ask the phone service provider (phone company) your friend has for their service?

May I also ask if you have had any storms in the area - since this has started to occur?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Phone service is AT&T and no storms of any strenght. have had some winds but the phone lines in his neighborhood are buried.

Hi again and thanks for that information.

One thing about phone lines: The can be VERY long and have multiple points that have to be run through with both above and below ground segments - even in the same general neighborhood. For instance, I have above ground lines in my neighborhood, while only a quarter of a mile away, everything is below ground.

And I know from personal experience (I have a friend that works for the phone company) that the same "switching center" serves both my neighborhood and one that has the below ground lines.

In any case, if your friend has (had) disconnected EVERYTHING from the phone lines coming to his home for AT LEAST 5 minutes, and LEFT them disconnected, and you tried to call their number and STILL get a "busy signal", then this is a "line issue" or a problem with their service center.

If that is the case, then it is time to get on the line with the Technical Support folks at AT&T - to report this line issue. The service folks will have to run some remote diagnostics, and most likely have to send someone out to your friend's neighborhood, and perhaps their home, to investigate the issue. I say this because they MAY be able to resolve this remotely.

If you or your friend do not have a "local" contact number on the phone bill handy, you should be able to use the contact number below, and go through the menu system to reach "technical support", or the portion of the menu system where you report a problem. I know these menu systems change from time to time, so if you hear something different, that is why.

Please let me know what you find or REPLY if you have more questions.

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