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UNIDEN DECT 6.0 our voicemail isnt working and we set it

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our voicemail isn't working and we set it up correctly, did all the troubleshooting recommended-- still no luck. when you call, it has an automated message that says our mailbox is full and we have not a single message stored or left in the mailbox. on the receiving end, you will hear your own personal outgoing message, and then a dial tone as the recorded message.
Hello & Welcome,

Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

Can you tell me the Model Number of the Uniden system you are working with?

The DECT 6.0 is a "generic" term for all modern cordless phones, and the specific model number of your system should be printed on the bottom of the Main Base Unit of your system.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Model number is-D1780
Hi again,

OK - that system has a built in "Answering system" - but I believe your callers MAY be reaching a "Voice Mail" system that is part of your phone service - from whatever service provider you have.

To confirm that this is true, simply disconnect the main base unit from the phone cord and then call your home number from another phone (such as a cell phone). If you still hear that "mailbox full" announcement, then you have confirmed that there is some kind of voice mail system active - and full - on your home phone number.

So what that means is that you will need to contact your service provider and get the official instructions on how to access that system - to listen to and delete any messages that are there. Each service provider has different procedures, but you can often call your own number - from your home phone - and get straight into the system. Once connected, there should be "speech menu" that will guide you through the messages and how to delete them.

Also, you may want to configure or disable this voice mail system so that the Uniden has a chance to answer calls while you are away. This usually involves either setting the number of rings on each system so that your uniden can answer first, by having a lower number of rings than the voice mail system.

Please give these things a try and let me know what you find. There may be other steps needed IF this voice mail issue is not the problem.

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