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What does it mean to be “red flagged” in the pharmacy

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second opinion] What does it mean to be “red flagged” in the pharmacy system? I have been on adderall and clonazepam since 2004. I had my doctor change my Rx for adderall this month to 3 20s a day instead of 2 30s a day. I turned my Rx in and after 30 minutes I was called up to the window and told the pharmacist “doesn’t feel comfortable filling that amount.” So I spoke with him and he said it being 90 pills and my being red flagged in the system for possible overdose, he would rather not fill it.
I said WHAT? This is the exact same 60mg a day but I asked him to LOWER it so if I’m tired at the end of the day I won’t take the third one and just go to bed. I have to listen to my body and quit when it needs to due to fibromyalgia. He said ok, he would get it ready.
Forty five minutes later it was ready and $164.00. Insurance fought them on the phone and said they’d only cover two per day. I just paid and left. I had been there 2 hours.
So what is a “red flag” and why would I have that? I’ve consistently been on the exact same Medicine since 2004. How can I find out who flagged me and how do I get this flag removed?
It simply means to ensure no early fills and no multiple doctors ordering different controlled substances.
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