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Dr. Jonathan Yilmaz
Dr. Jonathan Yilmaz, Pharmacist
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I am doing research and need an answer to something....if i

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hi - i am doing research and need an answer to something....if i submit a prescription to a drug store (let's say it is Teva's ProAir asthma drug) can a pharmacy choose to provide the same drug by a different manufacturer (if the script mentions Teva) or do they have to prescribe the drug made by Teva? Secondly, if they DO prescribe something else, how do they choose which Manufacturer? Does each retail pharmacy chain have a specific list of manufacturers that they get discounts from? If that is true, does that mean when I give the same script to Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid respectively for Teva ProAir could I potentially be getting the drug but from a competitor to Teva that also sells basically the same thing under its own brand? Thanks and take your time. I know this is a complicated question, Pearl
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Hi there. You are speaking with Dr Jonathan. Please allow me a moment to prepare my response.
If a doctor checks off "do not substitute" on a prescription, the pharmacy filling it must dispense exactly what is written on the prescription. In the case of Proair, that is a brand name, so no other manufacturer can sell a product called Proair. There are other inhalers that contain the same medication, but under different brand names. However, for other medications, if nothing is specified on the prescription, then you will get the drug made by the manufacturer which the pharmacy decides to use.
Excluding a handful of medications, like Synthroid and Coumadin, the manufacturer is irrelevant because the active drug is tested by the FDA to be equivalent across all manufacturers.
I hope that wasn't too wordy.
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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
OK, that makes sense. However, let's say the doctor says in the script "salbutamol" (which is the actual drug name) instead of Teva ProAir. And lets say that Merck and Teva both market "salbutamol" under different brand names. Then CVS can prescribe Teva's Proair salbutamol if they get a better discount from Teva, and Walgreens is allowed to prescribe Merck's version of salbutamol if they have a better contract with Merck. Is that right? thanks for the follow-up answer.
Albuterol would be the actual drug name in Proair. Yes that is correct. For your reference, the three main brand names of albuterol hfa inhalers in the U.S. are Proair, Ventolin, and Proventil. If albuterol is written on the prescription, you will get whichever one your pharmacy decides to stock.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you. Got this information from Thomson's Cortellis Teva Pharma Pipeline report. Dated September 5, 2017. Refers to the drug name as salbutamol MDI, and one of the synonyms as albuterol. Not sure which is which, but the FDA patent number is ***** to the drug name. The client needs all of the associated patent work in addition to this explanation.(excerpt from the table below):Drug Name: salbutamol MDI, IVAX CorpKey Synonyms:
albuterol MDPI;ProAir HFA;Salamol CFC-Free;ProAir Dose Counter;Salamol
Steri-Neb;albuterol sulfate HFA;Albuterol Spiromax;albuterol sulfate;ProAir
RespiClick;salbutamolOriginator Company: IVAX Corp
Active Companies: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Inactive Companies: IVAX Corp
Highest Status: Launched
Active Indications: Asthma;Bronchospasm;Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease***********************************************
Thanks so much Dr. Yilmaz. My husband is a cancer survivor and current Sloan patient.Have a nice day. You were a great help!
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
P.S. I am trying to find some kind of source on the Web that backs up what you just told "best practices for retail pharmacist" or something. I know this is a total crap-shoot but if you know of a manual or website that indicates that pharmacists are allowed to prescribe any manufacturer they choose if the backing FDA drug is the same, that would be great. Otherwise, no worries at all. Thanks again!
This is an excerpt from the FDA website: Distributors or repackagers of products listed in the Orange Book are not identified. Because distributors or repackagers are not required to notify FDA when they shift their sources of supply from one approved manufacturer to another, it is not possible to maintain complete information linking product approval with the distributor or repackager handling the products.
It sort of touches on it. But I'll give you the full link and maybe you can find your way to something more specific.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you so much, Doctor. This is exactly what I needed. By the way, you were right about Albuterol. The Orange Book shows the two ProAir products, as ALBUTEROL SULFATE (main ingredient). I have taken alot of your time. Enjoy your weekend!Best,
My pleasure, best wishes to you and your husband. You can close out our chat by leaving your rating and clicking Submit in the top right corner. Have a great day.