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Dr. Sone
Dr. Sone, Pharm.D.
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Looking for a change from atenolol 100mg which I have taken

Customer Question

looking for a change from atenolol 100mg which I have taken for 15 years. I have osteo arthritis and have long suspected atenolol makes the arthritis worse. Also on cilazipril 5mg eltroxin 5omg bendroflucazide5mg and cartia aspring. My ardeneals have been in overdrive for 30 years my thyroid stopped working at menopause and mykidnu=ys needed the cilazipril from my mid 50's. Only use slow release brufen for my osteo arthritis and only about 3000mg a month
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr. Sone replied 1 month ago.
Hi there,
I would switch to Metoprolol which works the same way Atenolol does, but is a different drug. If you rather not be on the same family of drug, then try Amlodipine instead.
Expert:  Dr. Sone replied 1 month ago.
since you have kidney issue, I would not use Brufen, but switch to Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) which goes through liver rather than the kidneys.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I have tried metoprolol it was a disaster my blood pressure went haywire and I was constantly dizzy and exhausted.Brufen is the most effective medication I have ever used for arthritis pain. I have severs arthritis I have had both hips replaced and paracetamol doesn't cut it although it is effective at times I need large doses.The kidney issue has always a primary cause of my hypertension. Dysfunctional endocrine system exacerbated by pregnancy.
Expert:  Dr. Sone replied 1 month ago.
I see. Then consider Amlodipine which is totally a different class than Atenolol.
Brufen should be fine at the amount per month you have been taking.
Expert:  Dr. Sone replied 1 month ago.
Have you tried Amlodipine?