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Dr. Bridget
Dr. Bridget, Pharmacist
Category: Pharmacy
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Experience:  Clinical Geriatric Pharmacist; Pharmacy Practice Residency training with extensive knowledge in pharmacological treatment of diseases;Special interest in alternative remedies.
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What's the difference between SSRI's and SNRI's? My Prestiq

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What's the difference between SSRI's and SNRI's? My Prestiq is wicked expensive and I used to be on Lexapro which seemed to work. Is it possible to switch or do they have to both be in the same "family" class?'
JA: Have you seen a doctor about this yet? What medications are you taking?
Customer: Running out of Prestiq 100 mg Ran out of Abilify 10 mg Take synthroid and Lipitor and a bunch of vitamins Dr didnt really wanna talk about it yet
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the psychologist should know?
Customer: other than I have a history of addiction no,. Ive been on antidepressants since 1996 and have wicked withdrawals without them,. Depressed all my life but meds help
JA: How long have you been feeling this way? Have you reached out to anyone about this yet?
Customer: Well I think I suffered with depression all my life but it got worse when I quit cocaine went into a deep depression and major fatigue. I have an appt on Thurs with Dr to discuss but embarrased since I had a relapse since rehab in Aug

Hello and thanks for your question! You're speaking with Dr. Bridget. I appreciate your patience as I review your question and prepare my response.

Sorry for the delay in response. I just logged in for the day and saw your question still unanswered.

SSRIs affect only serotonin, where SNRIs affect both serotonin and norepinephrine. If Lexapro works better for you, you could certainly switch from Pristiq without a problem.

Do you have further questions? I am happy to help:)

Dr. Bridget

Hi! How is everything going with the Lexapro. Have you started it yet?


Dr. Bridget

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi there thanks for following up. My dr appt went well since I don't have health insurance till Feb he put me on Prozac 40 mg for now and Ritalin 20 mg for my severe sleep apnea borderline narcolepsy. I still feel the withdrawals a bit from going off 100 mg prestiq though Just began Prozac Thursday how long will it take to start working 3 weeks like Others or sooner? He chose prozac cause it is cheaper self pay. And when will withdrawals get better? Still dizzy weak confused sleepy brain zaps. Prozac helps with it but not all.

Thanks for your reply.

You should see some positive effects from the Prozac within the first week. It can take up to 3 months to get the full effect.

Withdrawal symptoms from the Pristiq are very common and should only last a week or two. Hopefully it will subside within a week for you, as the Prozac will help off-set the withdrawal.

I am here for any further questions you may have.


Dr. Bridget

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Wow you are quick! Thank you! Is it safe to take Prozac with Ritalin? I see pros and cons reviews online. And I know it helps serentonin but will it also help dopamine since I don't have any due to former cocaine habit? Dr did say Ritalin is good to curb coke cravings and will help my severe fatigue. Also, should I take Prozac in am or pm?

You are welcome!

Ritalin is safe to take with Prozac. We use Ritalin in some patients who have depression to help get symptoms under control quickly. The Ritalin makes you start to feel better fast as you wait to the get full effects of the antidepressant.

Ritalin does increase the effects of Dopamine, thus it can be good for someone with low Dopamine from cocaine use. It will definitely help with the fatigue and you a boost of energy through the day.

It is typically recommended to take Prozac in the morning because it is suppose to make you feel more awake.

I am happy to help with anything further:)


Dr. Bridget

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I take a lot of supplements too like L tyrosine DLPA ginseng brain force (cognitive enhancer) b complex b 12 and many more. Do you believe in supplements? I have a crappy diet and am sedentary so I think I need them but my friends say they are a waste! I feel better with them. You are so helpful I wish I could see you in person!

I do believe in supplements! Although they often lack good clinical research, many people who take them report very positive effects. Traditional medicine tells us to be skeptical of supplements, but I think there are benefits to them that just have not been officially documented yet.

Glad to be of help:)


Dr. Bridget

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