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Dr Mike, PharmD
Dr Mike, PharmD, Pharmacist
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Experience:  Doctor of Pharmacy, 20+ yrs experience, trained at the University of Iowa
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I have taken two venlafaxine by accident one in the am one

Customer Question

I have taken two venlafaxine by accident one in the am one at night they r slow realise .What will happen ?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr Mike, PharmD replied 11 months ago.

Hi, and thanks for the question on JustAnswer...

There are several potential adverse effects with an increase in venlafaxine, which can include: anxiety, panic attack, agitation, trouble sleeping, irritability, impulsivieness, restlessness, changes in mood.

Given that this is a one time issue, these are unlikely. And, given the time between doses (a.m. and p.m.), and the fact that it is extended-release, I would not expect any of the above to be of major concern. Most of the drug is excreted in the urine within 48 hrs. And so, I would not anticipate any longer term worries either.

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Expert:  Dr Mike, PharmD replied 10 months ago.

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