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I've had low level chronic headaches couple years. I recently had more dental w

Customer Question

I've had low level chronic headaches for a couple years. I recently had more dental work done. This was the second time I received clindamyacin and my headaches stopped, only to return after the antibiotic use stopped. I'm very tempted to order more from a Canadian pharmacy or such, but I saw here that I can get a prescription? All I want is a longer prescription.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.
Hi Charles,Sorry to hear you have low level chronic headaches. Unfortunately, we can't prescribe on this site and online physician services cannot prescribe any controlled substances. Since your pain is low level chronic headaches, I would be happy to recommend an over-the-counter regimen to give you at least some relief until you can get in to see a doctor in person. You should be on a preventative treatment to avoid these headaches altogether. Also check your blood pressure to be sure it is < 130/90. High BP can trigger headaches among other triggers.
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.
Ibuprofen on a regular basis is not good for your Kidneys and stomach. It has a potential to cause internal bleeding and raise BP. Also it can cause rebound headaches.
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.
Take Excedrin&reg; Migraine (a combination of aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine) instead of Ibuprofen as it works way better for headaches than Ibuprofen. Then ask you doctor for a prescription from any of these drug classes that s/he deems appropriate to prevent these headaches. Ask for any one of these: Propranolol (Inderal), Topiramate (Topamax), Divalproex sodium (Depakote), gabapentin (Neurontin), amitriptyline (Elavil) OR nortriptyline (Pamelor). Last but not least, lifestyle changes, including decreasing stress levels, increasing exercise levels, adequate sleep, and controlling the diet, have a major impact on headaches prevention.
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.
You took Clindamyacin and your headaches stopped...I wonder if your headaches are related to infected tooth as Clindamycin itself will not stop headaches.
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.
Some insurance companies cover telehealth visits, and some offer their own telehealth service. If your insurance company doesn’t currently cover telehealth, you can still use the service. The cost of a visit is $49 for a 10-minute consultation.Please also try thise site to see if you can get a prescription: http://www.amwell.comOR
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.
Hope you feel better. Take care. :)

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