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Dr. Sheldon
Dr. Sheldon, Pharm.D.
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I am looking for cold medicine with quinine

Customer Question

I am looking for 666 cold medicine with quinine
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr. Sheldon replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,

What cold symptoms are you looking to treat? Runny nose, aches and pains, cough?

Dr. Riaz, Doctor of Pharmacy

Expert:  Dr. Sheldon replied 1 year ago.

Because that particular one is not available. However, I can definitely recommend something better or equivalent :)

Expert:  Dr. Sheldon replied 1 year ago.

Please take Dayquil during the day and Nyquil at night. You should feel better in a few days.

Expert:  Dr. Sheldon replied 1 year ago.

I strive to provide quick, customized, and complete answers to questions on topics I know well. Please let me know if have any other questions. Once fully satisfied, then please kindly rate my answer :)
Dr. Riaz, Doctor of Pharmacy

Expert:  Dr. Sheldon replied 1 year ago.

I did some more research on the availability of 666 cold medicine with quinine. The original 666 formulation had a high concentration of quinine and alcohol within the ingredients and became the best selling remedy for malaria, chills, fever, influenza, colds, constipation, and bilious headaches worldwide. The 666 lines have evolved over the years and have from time to time included liquids, tablets, salves, and nose drops. Invented by our founder Tharp Spencer Roberts, 666 cold remedies were originally patented as “Roberts Remedies #666”. The name derived from the prescription pad number on which he wrote a formula to treat a rural preacher with a severe case of malarial fever and chills. This formula was credited with saving the life of the much beloved fever sufferer and it came to be requested by reference to the “666” number off the prescription pad.

Active Ingredients – per 2 tablespoons (30 ml) Purpose
Acetaminophen 650m Pain reliever
Dextromethorphen HBr 20 mg Fever reducer
Phenylephrine HCI 10mg Nasal degongestant

Quinine is not included anymore in cough and cold formulations as it is used for Malaria.

For more infrmation, please try the website link below.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have.