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Dilaudid and klonopin and lyrica taken at bedtime. Take

Customer Question

Dilaudid and klonopin and lyrica taken at bedtime. Take oxycodone a few hours earlier for pain and every 4 hrs. Can't sleep so took an ambien.
Ongoing neck back and nerve pain post surgery months ago. So.e meds help pain or nerve pain. But then I can't sleep or get massive headaches.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 1 year ago.

Can you clarify what your question is. Thanks

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Which may be helpful with pain but cause headache and cant sleep or relax. Hard to stop thinking about everything ànd the injiry and get to sleep. I have prescriptions for oxycontin, valium., Dilaudid, lyrica, and take welbutrin. Maybe I'm talk ng the wrong times or combos? Also had neck epidurals Friday.
Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 1 year ago.

Most patients would not have insomnia from dilaudid, klonopin, or oxycodone since they all cause drowsiness especially ambien. The only two that may cause insomnia are Lyrica and Wellbutrin. As far as the headaches Wellbutrin can also cause this.

Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 1 year ago.

Checking back to see if you need further assistance. Once satisfied please rate my answer. Thanks.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Switching doctors so i will have one managing all pain meds. He is a MD and anesthesiologist. I am still confused as to if you would take (as prescribed on bottle) oxycodone every 4 hrs, dilaudid 4 mg for break thru pain, now klonopin at bedtime instead of ambien, lyrica 2x3 times a day with one at am and another bedtime. In the am i take my synthroid and welbutrin. I also have oxycontin one every 12 hrs. Seems like i shouldnt take both the long acting and short acting oxycodone? Is there a better time to take the synthroid and welbutrin or can i take it with the lyrica in the am. Dont want drug conflicts due to timing of meds. thanks. I also wake up with headache and saw your previous note.
Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 1 year ago.

I would continue Synthroid and Wellbutrin in the morning as Synthroid needs to be taken away from food and other meds to get maximum absorption. Taking long acting oxycodone is your maintenance pain medication and the short acting should be used for break through pain. This is normal as well. As far as the other medications your timing sounds good on them as well. I don't understand if you are on dilaudid also but don't see the need for it. Thanks.