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Dr. Cooper
Dr. Cooper, Pharm.D.
Category: Pharmacy
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Experience:  Pharmacist
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I need a precription

Customer Question

I need a precription for bronkitus
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,

We are a question/answer site. However I can refer you to another site that might be able to prescribe medications. Let me know if interested

Expert:  William Pflugfelder replied 1 year ago.

Good afternoon. DrBillRPh here. Treatment depends upon cause and duration of your bronchitis. Bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids are often used in combination. Your prescriber will work with you to optimize treatment. Hope helpful. DrBillRPh

Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.

Please ask your doc to prescribe Zithromax (antibiotic) and some cough syrup they prefer. I would try Urgent Care as the wait is much shorter there than going to the ER.

I strive to provide quick and accurate answers. Please rate my answer once fully satisfied. :)

Dr. Riaz, Doctor of Pharmacy

Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like to get your questions answered to your satisfaction.

Expert:  William Pflugfelder replied 1 year ago.

Good evening,

Need a better history to help you with your problem. If what you are coughing up is not clear (You stated it is green) then you would probably benefit from an office visit to determine if you have an active infection. Your prescriber will be able to determine this. Determining causation is the first step in deciding which treatment is optimal. Hope that clears things up. DrBillRPh

Expert:  Dr. Cooper replied 1 year ago.

There is a common notion out there to stay away from the antibiotics because everything is just a viral infection. However, in reality, these viral infections often turn into bacterial infections and the easy way to tell is that you are coughing up the green phlegm. Like I stated in my post above, you will benefit from an antibiotic and a cough syrup. I would ask your PCP to prescribe those to get rid of the problem quick.

Hope you feel better :)

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