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How bad is it to have a pretty pronounced wheeze during

Customer Question

How bad is it to have a pretty pronounced wheeze during forceful exhale ? I a smoker I was about a pack and a half a day smoker for the past 15 years but the last two I've cut down teendogsly to less than a pack a day sometimes I'll even go for months without smoking any
I had pulmonary function test and fr what I remember being told I was 148% above normal whatever this means ??? Any clarifying info greatly appreciated
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Drugdad replied 2 years ago.

Hi, thanks for the question. Have you been diagnosed with either Asthma or COPD?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Chronic bronchitis and mild emphysema according to ct scan radiology report ! But my pulmonologist says to not worry bout it cause it's all due to my smoking so I'm assuming what he means is quit smoking and these issues will either resolve themselves or not get any worse at least
Expert:  Drugdad replied 2 years ago.

Even if you stop smoking, since you have developed COPD, you will have to be treated. If you are experiencing severe wheezing then it means your condition needs attention as soon as possible.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Doctor didn't suggest any needed treatment my lung capacity was 148% which pulmonologist said was good but I did find soothing odd my lungs seemed big on exray when we were going over exray which I posted out to doctor and he said that it was nothing to worry about at my age
Is this true ? No worries over I'm assuming hyper inflated lungs ? I read online that hyper inflated lungs is very common with copd and it's not a good thing cause it means air is trapped in my lungs and so this means my lungs aren't expelling carbon dioxide as they should be and so my organs extremities and such are probably not receiving enough oxygen either which I'm sure is the reason for my finger clubbing even tho it slight and early the clubbing any info advice and prognosis From what I'm sharing with you would be greatly appreciated
Ct scan results stated I have chronic bronchitis which I'm guessing is basically copd and mild emphysema both of which the pulmonologist I went to said to not worry about which I found odd he did say you should quit smoking but he didn't really explain well you feel like this or hear this or see this on exrays and ct scan cause your smoking and so you should quit or whatever , he just said you shouldn't smoke obviously cause it bad but he didn't clarify in detail what condition my lungs are in and how damage they are
Expert:  Drugdad replied 2 years ago.

Your doctor is right in a way. First, you need to quit smoking. If the wheezing continues or you are having difficulty with breathing then you will need medications. Putting you on medication while you are still smoking is counterproductive.