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Can buprenorphine in a lingual form that was unpackaged from

Customer Question

can buprenorphine in a lingual form that was unpackaged from my son as he is in recovery away i touched about 28 of these tacky melting things and i have cut on hand that was exposed and i tested positive on work test for bup and i told them and they know
my problem with kids but i need to prove in can get in blood via an open wound these things were melting as i was cleaning out his entire stash box and room as i put him in rehab but my gf works in lab and she said kids are injecting these strips and poking
wholes in body and attatching strips to enter system i heard all this sad stuff but how can i get confirmation that these melting liquidy yellow strips can enter bloodstream....i called suboxone and they said i need a toxologist can you confirm that it can
be absorbed via an open cut 53 yr old father and no drug problem with me ever i need help so they will give me a pass
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Drugdad replied 2 years ago.

Hi, thanks for the question.

Expert:  Drugdad replied 2 years ago.
Hi, this is highly unlikely because the strips are sealed in a foil. Was the package open?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
DR,There was 26-30 lingual strips that a teenage chid took out of foil and had them in a drawer and i put him in rehab....I was cleaning out his room and came across a box with paraphanalea which was thrown out of course but there was a mooshy pile of these strips and i was picking them up and they were sticky and wet and obviously not a good situation...I handled the the project of cleaning up and i had no gloves on and i had a burn or cut that was exposed to a significant pile of this sticky substance and i felt it on fingers and on open cut and it was on my hands four hours as i completely cleaned and painted and went through his room thouroughly...Anyway they were out of wrapper and it wasnt one or two there was approx. 160 empty packets of drugs he relapsed on over a two moth period and a ton of this lingul Bup which until now i didnt know much about except it blocked his cravings...These are kids and ill... anyway they were not packaged for what reason i dont know but i was exposed open skin to wet sticky medication which i now realize is a controlled substance...I reported before drug test i handled alot of it and i had a burn or cut that was size of dime on finger and not fully healed....I wasnt thinking but it happened...I would never even ask if they were packaged...My research clearly indicates that substance is being put into peoples body many different ways and i understand the strips are being questioned as they are also being melted and injected sadly....For me i need a professional opinion about opened melting due to heat that i handled as i NEVER used illicit drugs...I know substances such as heroin or crack or cocaine must be handled with gloves when they package such garbage because those drugs go through the skin and i was confident that this particular drug that is meant to dissolve under a tongue and i needed professional opinion confirming what my pharmacist even confirmed they are to be handled seperately and carefully taken and in his opinion that it easily could go into blood via open wound with the heat and the amount i handled and timeframe ...So i was seeking a confirmed outsider professional that under the circumstances i clarified to honestly state his opinion based upoun circumstances that though not a good situation i solely was cleaning up and exposed to opened wet sticky BUP and it was like pankake syrup but thicker.....Now that i clarified that strips were out of wrapper and there were at least 30 8 mg strips and i was exposed and i reported prior to test as they know problem im having with child and if i get situation confirmed about the absorbtion issue than my situation because it was reported and they seen my hands i would obtain a pass as i am tested with others regularly by mouth saliva and never had one issue in 7 years...Please reconsider your response based on data i presented....Thank YOU
Expert:  Drugdad replied 2 years ago.

Why would he take out the strips from the foil? Each strip is individually sealed. There is limited evidence of absorption suboxone from the skin or open wound. Even if it did, then quantity that reaches your blood stream should be negligible.