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Sherwin Kashani
Sherwin Kashani, Pharmacist
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Not sure this is appropriate for a pharmasist or a

Resolved Question:

Not sure this is appropriate for a pharmasist or a neurologist?

I am willing to offer a bonus of $25.00 for a through answer.

What drug can I take to replace Lyrica that won’t affect my asthma or lower my blood pressure? I have consistently low blood pressure and Moderate Asthma. I have been taking Lyrica for about 6 months for chronic nerve pain from cervical compression and Essential Tremor. The combo of Lyrica and Cymbalta suppressed the tremor and controlled the nerve pain effectively once we increased the Lyrica to 150 in the AM and 75 in the pm. Side Effects: Weight gain, swelling, asthma worsening I have gained 20 pounds suspect Lyrica is to blame. I also notice swelling in my feet and face (around the eyes and nose area) in the AM and know I can’t attribute my shoes not fitting to the weight gain. My asthma seems to be worse and I have had to use my rescue inhaler for the first time in a long while. Also - Nerve pain seems to be back and I am using 600- 800 mg of Motrin at a time to help with the pain. Med List Medication dose use Lyrica 150mg am 75mg PM Nerve Pain Tremor Cymbalta 90 mg am Nerve Pain depression Ritalin 60 mg ADD Levothyroxine 112 mcg Low Thyroid Pantoprazole 40 mg GERD Zyrtec generic 10 mg Allergy Advair 250/50 2x a day Moderate Asthma Pro-Air as needed Asthma Thanks so much

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Sherwin Kashani replied 5 years ago.
Sherwin Kashani :

Thank you for your question.

As a alternative to Lyrica you may try gabapentin which works in a simular way but might prove to be better suited for you in terms of it’s side effect profile i.e. weight gain, swelling etc.

Other options for pain relief may include taking an opioid or morphine based medication for pain relief however dependency and tolerance may result with long term use so best to consult your doctor about this option.

Regarding your worsening asthma has your doctor been notified about this? If not, best to speak to your doctor, as you may need your current asthma medication reviewed i.e. Advair dose may need to be increased to prevent symptoms.

Also taking Mortin in some patients can worsen asthma symptoms and this may be a contributing factor to your recent worsening symptoms. It is best to identify if Motrin has this effect on you and avoid if this is the case.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns.

If you are happy with my response please ACCPET my response. Thank you


Is gabapentin a good drug for both pain and tremor


What do you think of the pain drug Linmbrel for me


Is there a simple way to identify if motrin affects my asthma?

Sherwin Kashani :

Gabapentin is usually prescribed in specialist setting for nerve pain relief. Given that it works similarly to Lyrica it's benefits with tremor may also be evident however I have not seen any studies in this regard.

Sherwin Kashani :

Linmbrel is an anti inflammatory medication and can provide pain relief for your condition.

Sherwin Kashani :

Please be aware that anti inflammatory medications such as Motrin and Linmbrel may worsen GERD symptoms as well as the issue of asthma raised so their use is cautioned.

Sherwin Kashani :

The best way to identify if Motrin effects your asthma is seeing a difference in asthma symptoms when taking the medication. You may want to trial stopping Motrin and if you observe an improvement in your asthma symptoms then it is likely to be a link.


Ok thank you

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