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What can i use to clean my system of methamphetamine in a

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what can i use to clean my system of methamphetamine in a day
JACUSTOMER-ui84p4gi- :

Hi and thanks for you question.

JACUSTOMER-ui84p4gi- :

Meth can be detected in a urine sample for up to 3-5 days after a single use. Chronic users, more sedentary users will retain the meth for a longer time period. The best way to eliminate meth out of the urine is to drink a gallon of water and get lots of aerobic exercise. If you pee into a cup, then make sure you use the pee that is in the middle of the stream. Let me know if you have an additional questions.

JACUSTOMER-4qieynpv- :

how long before the sample will test clean and how long will that last

JACUSTOMER-ui84p4gi- :

It takes up to 5 days after a single use for the sample to test clean. It will take longer for long time users and those that use high doses.

JACUSTOMER-4qieynpv- : I
JACUSTOMER-4qieynpv- : Can it take more than a week to leave ur system
JACUSTOMER-ui84p4gi- :


JACUSTOMER-ui84p4gi- :

Maybe for a chronic user.

JACUSTOMER-ui84p4gi- :


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