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Bennybenassi, Auto Service Technician
Category: Peugeot
Satisfied Customers: 132
Experience:  Peugeot master technician with over 10 years experience in dealership. Good knowledge of other makes and models of cars
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Peugeot 206 cc: Hi. My Peugeot 206 cc, 1.6 from 2005, wont

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Hi. My Peugeot 206 cc, 1.6 from 2005, wont start. The starter is turning and the display says economic mode aktiv. There are no light in radio and heatingsystem. I had a diagnostic made and it said P1536 as the only fault, wich is the parking brake switch cirquit. Now I have changed the parking swicch, brake swich, coolant sensor, evaborator sensor, battery is new, and the car is still in a status of economic mode. The diagnostic says that there are no more faults after P1536 has been erased. I have tried theXXXXXto restall the BSI. I dont know what else to do but deliver the car to Peugeot and let them look at the problem, unless you can help me and give me some ideas what to look for. Best regards XXXXX XXXXX Denmark

Bennybenassi : Hi there, yes p1536 is the brake light switch. Cant see it stopping the engine from starting unless it an automatic. Have you checked the fuses and if the brake lights are working. When you turn the ignition on can u hear the electric fuel pump in the tank operating?

Its manual gear. The fuses are ok, I havent tested the brakelights, I'll do it later. When I turn on the ignition it sounds as a low buss and then a click, might be the fuelpump.

Bennybenassi : Yeah you hear the fuel pump buzzing with the ignition on for about 10 seconds and then the relay cuts out. You lift the back seat base out to get at the lift pump in the tank, there's an access hole in the floor to get at the pump. I've had a few of these where the motor starts to seize up and can't supply enough fuel pressure for the injectors. It's strange there's no other fault codes stored in the engine management ecu

It was the fuelpump that was defective, I changed it and now the motor is running again. Thanks for the good advice. Best regards Martin:o)

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