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Peugeot 207: i keep getting a engine oil pressure too low

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i keep getting a 'engine oil pressure too low' message come up on my dashboard after driving for about half an hour. It is full of oil. how much am i looking at getting it repaired? it is a peugeot 207



Hopefully i can help..


There could be few reasons - though first as you may of have done already is to ensure the oil level is in fact correct when the car is on level ground as always to get an better reading - if that is ok - then other checks would have to involve checking the oil level/pressure sensor and its wiring fully to ensure these haven't become loose or the level/pressure sensor in itself has become faulty which you'll need to fit a new one and then test drive again to see if the problem comes back - another likely problem could be oil pressure or circulation problem - you'll need a proper guage/equipment to monitor the pressure to ensure it is indeed correct and the pump is in fully working order to circulate the oil properly at the correct pressure or via diagnostic machine to monitor it - Another likely cause could be inside the sump itself ie: the pickup/strainer is getting blocked slightly - the only way to check that out properly or fully is to have the sump removed from the engine to get a better look and the pick up inspected and cleared out - once thats done and checked and everything back together - then the correct grade of new oil and oil filter can be fitted and then see if that makes any there are few things above that can be checked and hopefully solve the issue.but if possible check the level on the dipstick as advised above is actually correct if a little low then top it up to the correct level and then try that and see if the warning stops - or maybe try a full engine oil and oil filter change and see if that makes any difference.this is on the assumption that hasn't been done for quite a while.but by the sounds of it it does sound like the pressure switch maybe faulty this will be located if i asume its a petrol engine 1.4 16v the switch should be on the oil filter body/housing "grey plug on the switch" - the switch itself shouldnt be that expensive if i recall less than £20 and labour should be in and around an hour to fit with obviously an oil/filter change after - but might be worth phoning up your local dealer just to be sure the price hasn't changed in regards XXXXX XXXXX switch - i say the dealer as its always best to aquire such items as this from the dealer so you know your getting the correct one based on your vehicles details/engine..
If the garage above hasn't been able to help further then it maybe worth trying elsewhere - maybe have alook at this website and see if there are any garage local to you under this scheme -

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