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My cat is limping. It looks like her shoulder is causing it.

Customer Question

My cat has been limping for the last 2 days. I think its her shoulder. I have checked her paws, they are fine. She seems to have lost her appetite.
I am not sure if she had a fall. She is an outside cat, but doesn't jump or climb a lot, only when a dog is chasing her. She is a tailless tabby, and I don't think she has a sense of balance. Shes a rescue.
I haven't had the money to do her shots in a couple of years. Other than that, she has always been feisty. Shes about 8 years old.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Cher replied 10 months ago.
I'm sorry your cat is limping and worrying you. If you think it's her shoulder, it's possible that she either fell from a height (even if she doesn't jump or climb a lot, but if a dog was chasing her, she might have been forced to climb a fence or another high area off the ground. It's also possible that she got tangled up in something outside and struggled to get free, and that's how she hurt her shoulder, leg or paw. While it's possible that she may just have a strain or a sprain, it would be best to have her checked out by the vet in person, in case she has a more severe injury, like a hairline fracture, etc. If she hasn't had her shots in a couple of years, it's important that you take care of that, since she spends her time outside. She should also be on a monthly flea treatment only sold by your vet, as the ones sold in supermarkets and some pet supply stores are not effective and brands like Hartz, Sergeant's, Zodiac and many others have been found to have very serious adverse health effects in cats, some even fatal! If you're in a financial bind, try these ideas:
This VCA animal hospital is nationwide and offers a free visit to new patients; hopefully there's one near you!
I hope all will be well with your cat!